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Good Students - Better Practice - The Best European Workers
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The curriculum for the students in Hotel and Tourism Technician (HTT) programme of secondary education was introduced in the Secondary School of Economics in the school year 2008/2009. The students in this programme have the highest academic achievement in our school, but also a high rate of enrolment into higher education institutions. The greatest challenge for us is the organization of practical training for the students in this programme. Slavonski Brod and Brod-Posavina County do not have a sufficient number of hotels and travel agencies willing to cooperate with our school and structure practical training for our students. The Secondary School of Economics has a long-standing cooperation with the Slavonski Brod Tourist Board which has been assisting our students in the realization of their practical training and various activities necessary for this type of secondary education programme. The Secondary School of Economics has designed this project in order to enable 30 students in Hotel and Tourism Technician programme to implement two-week practical training in Maribor, Slovenia, in January and February 2015, as well as to gain experience and to apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired throughout their secondary education. Students will carry out their practical training in hotels and travel agencies in Maribor and Pohorje, where they will acquire new and perfect the existing practical knowledge and skills. They will improve their foreign language skills and learn to be more tolerant towards diversity in all forms. They will also develop mutual understanding as a contribution to the common European values. The most important element for the participants in this mobility will be a chance to experience real-life situations they will find themselves in during the practical training, which will enable them to gain insight into the knowledge and skills necessary for this profession. In such a way the students will become more aware of the demands of their future profession and also more motivated to acquire not only the content of their vocational subjects, but also the content of other subjects, which will result in their higher academic achievement. The experience the students will gain during the practical training will help them to become individuals aware of the actual demands of the labour market and help them to feel more ready and secure in their profession and workplace, as well as to perceive themselves as European citizens. During their practical training the students will become acquainted with the work at reception desk and in travel agencies. By gaining valuable experience in practical training abroad, the students will, upon completion of their secondary education, be more competitive and have better skills, which is necessary for the modern labour market. The Secondary School of Economics plans to organize student mobility in the future, by using the experience of this group of participants in mobility as an incentive for the future generations to achieve better academic results in order to have an opportunity to participate in the future mobility projects. In the long-term the school plans to educate the students who will, with their knowledge and competences, match the needs of the European labour market.



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