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Göçmen Kuşlar- Immigrant Birds
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Civil war in Syria has caused a lot of difficulties into the lifes of millions of people mostly in children. Our country has not shut their doors to the human tragedy that occurred in neighboring also open their doors to them. Our government is a major effort in to give these people their education rights; in addition to human rights. After year of 2013 our school began to register Syrian immigrant students. We decided to sheme this project because of difficulties that we live along the training and adaptation of these students. We have to contribute to intercultural ensure adaptation to social life in the dialogue framework and direction for our schools to be the active citizens with democratic values, giving a good education to the people training to do to immigrant students we taught our organization as batıkent secondary school. Nine teachers worked actively in the construction of this project. These nine teachers was chosen for this project because of their skills like seminars they have got, courses they have attended, overseas experiences, their dedicated work about their events. Our project coordinator had some contacts via "E-twinning network portal" that is about immigrant strudents' education and their adaptation process.We succeed to sign 'Mandate' with two school exactly related on this field; Starks Field School-London in England , Kragelundskolen-Aarhus in Denmark. It has been proven by some academic studies that these schools are capable and succesful on frame of immigrant strudents' education and their adaptation process. We believe that it is going to present lots of advantages to both sides since they also host Turkish migrated strudents. Besides and as an addition to our movement activities in Europe , we plan to attend a training which is called "Approaching Multicultural Issues In Education" and desires to learn new technics and methods on integration of migrated people. Benefiting from the experience of these schools during mobility activities; 1-tools and methods used to determine the problem, 2-evaluation of scientific data 3-solution methods enforced in Europe 4-the applicability of the solution method 5-the usable tools and methods 6- effective use of social media 7- the results of success requirement imposed by the European application and the evaluation of these results. Our approaches is to transfer our knowledge we have gained from the training, to our institution/school. In short term; -we aim to solve rapidly to issues about education and social adaptation that we have faced with Syrian students in our school In long term; -we aim to provide integration on democratic values, social harmony and active citizenship also spread out those abilities to our province. -towards our succes we would like to reach academic databases.



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