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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Manisa Gazi Primary School serves education in Şehzadeler disctrict.Our city, especially in the recent years, has became the most growing population city in Aegean Region due to the employment opportunities offered by the Organized Industry of our city.This fact can be observed in our classes also in a concrete way from the number of incoming students as a result of migration.There has been 103 incoming students to our school in the last education year 2014-2015.As a result of this immigration fact, our classes have became multicultural environments composed of students with different cultural backgrounds.This situation affects both our institutional quality,educational staff and student groups in a negative way. With this project we aim to eliminate or minimize these negative effects.Aims of this project can be summirized as below: *To eliminate or minimize the negative results of multiculturalizm because of immigration in terms of institution,staff and student groups. In this area our main aim is to increase staff competences in order to support instutitional quality. *Improve our staff's language proficiency, * To create awareness about current methods, other than the classical education methods, *To improve the quality of staff by sharing experiences with our colleagues in Europe, *To develop ICT competency of staff, *To improve the european cooperation capacity of the instutition. Attendance of 1 english teacher,4 primary school teachers and a management staff is planned for the main activity that will be carried out and the attendance of the whole staff for the implementation of the project is foreseen.The content of the structured course that we will take during the main activity completely matches with our institutıonal needs, and our staff will get a training consisting of 12 modules during the main activity.These are briefly: Module 1 – Systems of education in across Europe Module 2 – Multicultural issues Module 3 – cooperation and communication in Europe Module 4 – designing multicultural projects Module 5 – Use of ICT Module 6 – WebQuests Module 7 – adapting and designing materials Module 8 – differentiated instruction Module 9 - Raising cultural awareness through reading Module 10 - Raising cultural awareness through games Module 11 - Raising cultural awareness through listening and video Module 12 – Individual projects and presentation In order to assess in what level the project reaches its objectives and to control the quality of the project we will get continuous feedbacks from teachers,students,parents,lacal,regional and national institutions to be able to do the necessary arrangements.This will be the ongoing metedology of the project. The expected results and the impact of the project can be summarized as; advanced staff skills about multicultural issues, increased student awareness about different cultures, eliminated problems due to immigration and cultural differences so that improved educational quality, improved ICT capabilities to satisfy students' needs, improved language capabilities of the staff, improved professional structure of the staff, enhanced institutional capacity of transnational cooperation. In the long term, an improved organizational structure, improved staff competencies, problem-free educational environments and thus the integration of qualified individuals into society will be the long term benefits of this project.