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Go visual! - Creative education about migration
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The presented project "Go visual! - Creative education about migration" involves 10 organisations: Stowarzyszenie Jeden Swiat (Poland), VIA vzw (Belgium), Cooperation for Voluntary Service - Bulgaria (Bulgaria), Servei Civil Internacional de Catalunya (Spain), Mtu Noortevahetuse Arengu Ühing ESTYES (Estonia), Service Civil International - Deutscher Zweig e.V (Germany), Kinisi Ethenonton Service Civil International - Hellas (Greece), Utilapu Nemzetkozi Epitotabor Halozat (Hungary), Seirbhis Deonach Idirnaisiunta (Ireland), and Servizio Civile Internazionale (Italy) - all acting as partners.The project “Go visual! – Creative education about migration” aims to improve the quality of international volunteer and youth activities by providing youth workers with the know-how on the essentials of designing and running creative educational activities about migration, with a special emphasis on visual facilitation in this educational process. The project responds to the need of enhancing the training and innovation capacity of youth organizations. We want to address the need of youth workers and project coordinators to get to know new, innovative and interesting educational tools on migration so that they can become multipliers on the issue of migration and its promoters amongst their beneficiaries and local communities.The broad partnership (10 organisations from all corners of the EU) will enrich the debate and provide fruitful case studies on migration and practices to be analyzed within the implementation of the activity. The project will gather 27 participants (trainers and activists from the partner organisations), who will learn how to educate young people about migration, including refugee issues, using visual facilitation methods and other creative methodologies which have a far greater impact on the recipients than the traditional way of teaching-preaching. The training will last 5 days (+1 travelling day for the arrival of participants), and will take place in Poznań, Poland 7-11.09.2016. The training will upgrade skills of participants, enabling them to become real multipliers on migration issues, while at the same time it will increase the capacities and the quality of the work realized by participating organizations.The Training Course will be based on non-formal education, using following working methods: working in small groups, creative presentations, brainstorming, meeting with experts and panel discussions. Another concrete result will be a production of a Visual Icon Dictionary on Migration – an electronic print-friendly publication with drawings of icons (schematic, easy-to-repeat drawings) related to migration and refugees, which will make it possible to run exciting workshops that will appeal to different senses and be better remembered by participants.We expect that the project will bring an increased quality of partners' workshops, training courses, seminars, intercultural meetings and other educational situations on migration, through the acquisition of innovative learning tools and increased skills of the participants.At the European level, the project intends to provide non-formal education on migration with more visibility, in order to strengthen its reputation, scope and practical applications. The methods and publication shared and created during the meeting will be used in the local context. In the long run, we hope the project will contribute to the European society which is better informed and educated on migration issues.



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