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Go Med with EVS
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Go Med with EVS” is a project aimed to foster the creation of a Euro-Mediterranean network of EVS projects. The project foresees three different actions. The first action will consist in a job shadowing of an Egyptian youth worker visiting the office of the Italian Network of European Voluntary Service (RIVE) in Milan, Italy, for two weeks. The second action will entail a seminar in Cairo, Egypt, involving twenty-six organisations working in the EVS sector, equally distributed in thirteen organisations from European Programme Countries and thirteen from Southern Mediterranean Partner Countries (MEDA). Finally, the third mobility will allow one volunteer from Egypt to take part in a EVS project in Italy, while viceversa four volunteers from Italy will experience long-term EVS in Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan.The goal of the project is to encourage cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean region and to share good practices related to EVS projects management. The job shadowing will allow the representative of the Egyptian organisation Sting to observe the work of the Italian network of organisations leaded by Associazione Joint, in order to share the experience during the seminar and to facilitate the creation of a similar network within the MEDA partners. Secondly, the seminar will permit the encounter of numerous organisations working in the EVS (sending, hosting and coordinating), in order to offer new partnership possibilities and to open the discussion of common quality standards for the management of EVS projects. The EVS mobility will indeed represent pilot-projects within this newborn Euro-Mediterranean network.The follow-up of the project will consist in the creation of a website dedicated to European Voluntary Service in arabic language, where the experience of the project itself will be promoted together with the EVS vacancies that could reach and join young people from Europe and Southern Mediterranean Countries.



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