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Go for Voluntarism
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Go for voluntarism" project aims to fight against youth unemployment and poverty resulting from this and to develop creativity and entrepreneurship among young people.This project emerged from the need to provide alternative educational activities for young people from economically disadvantaged communities, including Roma communities, for them to acquire a spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship to be able to overcome the condition of reduced opportunity.In the last two years, FCASEC had realized several educational programs in economically disadvantaged communities in Valcea county, on which occasion we noticed that young people from these communities are open to new perspectives and are interested in participating in educational activities developed by non- education methods formal.The specific objectives of the project are:- the development of creativity of young people with fewer opportunities to help them to find a job in the future or to start their own business- development of initiative and entrepreneurship sprite of young people to help them overcome their difficulties and prevent poverty- use of non formal education to identify the strengths and weaknesses of young people and preparing them for the future- introduction of best practices and means of self-development for young people- promoting volunteering as opportunity of acquiring the skills needed for future career- provide youth experience in working with young people with fewer opportunities, develop their creativity and develop the confidence for insertion in the labor market after finishing the voluntary service.To this project will participate 12 volunteers, young people aged 18-30 years, young people with fewer opportunities, divided into three mobility flows. The duration of the EVS stages will be 6 months.The EVS stage activities will focus on organizing workshops to promote entrepreneurship among young people, developing and organizing events/actions with sportive character, initiatives for promoting a healthy lifestyle and the importance of doing sport or any other kind of movement in outdoor space,organizing sessions for presenting different opportunities for personal development, alternative training and involvement in the life of the community of local youth,organizing and delivering 4 different intercultural and linguistic workshops ,organizing IT sessions for developing specific digital competences of local youth (basic operation of PC, efficient use of Internet and use of specific programs for creating documents necessary for job applications, information in connection with platforms and groups containing useful news and valid opportunities and of interest for their personal and professional development etc.) The EVS stages activities will be implemented using non formal education methods as: creative workshops, debates, world cafe, open space, living library, film voice.The main results of the project will be:- 2 innovative voluntary stages with a duration of 6 months.- project web page that will serve as a platform to exchange good practices in youth entrepreneurship field.- the film of the project to promote entrepreneurship among young people.In long term, the project will contribute to the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills among young people which will help them overcome the reduced opportunity.



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