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"GO Europe! -a way to get new workexperience"
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Nord - Gudbrandsdal upper secondary school , has over the past 9 years worked systematically to give students the opportunity to have high quality practical training abroad. We want to strengthen our students' position as attractive skilled workers and apprentices , while we work to find ways to prevent dropout among vocational students . The project is also helping to meet students' needs for internships and recognized trade that is scarce in the region or that is not available in Gudbrandsdal / Oppland. Our aim is also to strengthen vocational education at the school by helping to make it more attractive and suitable to meet needs of the business community in the region. According to International Strategy for Oppland county , upper secondary schools should help young people to be given the opportunity to have international experience as part of the education. The school have in all years sent students over quota and therefor had a significant expense associated with such projects . The school is thus clear in its strategy over the gain this type of training provides. For future applications we want to develop our relationship with these companies, schools and training centers in Europe which we have cooperated with for years: shipyard Montex Shipyard (metal and welding ) in Poland , Rode Gymnasium in Norrtälje Communities ( ICT companies) in Sweden, training institution Kreishandwerkerschaft Wittekindsland (timberwork) in Germany , Tallinn Industrial education Centre (CNC machines and metal / megatronika ) in Estonia, Cesfor ( kindergardens ) in Italy , Vilnius Builders training Centre ( building trades ) in Lithuania and Glasgow Clyde College ( health care worker and hairstyling ) in Scotland. There are a total of five vocational programs covered by this application. We have for many years worked with several of these partners with good experience . By using these seven partners spread across different lines of study we want to implement training and work experience in a foreign country as part of an education with emphasis on academic and knowledge -related , personal , social and cultural learning. It is a goal in itself to give students practical experience in a country and in a work environment that has great relevance to the field development. In addition, it is important to strengthen the status of vocational study and attractiveness both in our school , but also in society in general. Quality and reputation, ability to develop and innovate reflect the needs and demands of this. Companies in the region have requested our students to meet today's development. For instance the health sector needs to recruit local workers to nursing homes , retirement homes and home care . Within nursery / primary schools it is a need of manpower with broad cultural experience to meet today's multicultural society. ICT skills generally have been successful in Norway, but we are struggling to find relevant and good internships in our region. Automotive-companies in Europe is developing rapidly and it is important to be updated. There are new and higher requirements for an auto mechanic today than a few years ago , according to Laila Killi , holder of Killis Auto, Otta. Companies need employees with broad expertise and experience in communicating with workers from other European countries. On this basis, we hope to contribute to improve quality in selected occupations and education so that each student in the project (with a transfer value to the remaining class, school, local community) gets good learning outcomes as part of the education.



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