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Go Beyond the Limits / Sınırların Ötesine Geç
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The only thing stopping you from reaching your goals and dreams are your limits. It’s when you meet your limits that you feel resistance and things you want seem harder to achieve. Whether it is fear, doubt, physical abilities or some other mental block, it can present a huge barrier to getting what you want. Unfortunately most people can’t work past their limits and give up. So how far you get in reaching your dreams is very dependent on how good you are at overcoming this obstacle. Fail to push past your limits and you’ll leave your dreams unrealized. The Erasmus+ European Voluntary Service project "Go Beyond the Limits" will take its participants to reach their dreams and help them get over all the obstacles they will encounter. We have only 88 months to try new things, learn new things, live abroad, help some people, help animals that needs help, organize an awareness activity on animals' rights, participate in an art activity, create an art activity, learn another language, live on a small peninsula which is windy every day etc. in our 79,5 year-long or 954 month-long lives when we subtract the basic activities which are necessary for our survivals. All the activities we name here are beyond the limits. The participants will do these activities only if they go beyond their limits. They will always live beyond their limits in 80-month long time which is left in their lives. There are two activities in the project. In the first activity, the EVS participants will come from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovakia in different 6-month long periods to Sinop Tülay Sevgi Erşahin Can Dostları Yaşam Evi (animal shelter) to work on the welfare of the animals and realise an awareness activity on animals' rights. These participants, between 17 - 30 years old, are the young people who love animals very much, approach them without hesitating, have experience on animal care and health. They will learn by doing and watching all the activities that the animal need from animal rescue operations to care of mothers with babies, from taking them for a walk to playing games with them. All the audience in local, national, European and international platform will greatly impressed by the activities that the participants will commit. The participants in the second activity, will be coming from Poland, France, Spain, Tunis, Italy and Slovenia and assist the artist teams and organize their own performances in 59-day periods with 2 participants each time in Sinopale - the International Sinop Biennial and its Mid-Performances, therefore they will contribute the sustainable development of Sinop. These participants are between 17 - 30 years old and some of them have art in their life but some of them have just been an audience of art. They will be the assistants of the worldwide known artists and curators, they will witness the birth of an artistic production and create an artistic activity with the sharing model that Sinopale recognizes. Sinopale is a cultural and artistic event which creates new horizons to the artist and the audience. With this project, there will be a school for the young people who are ready to learn in the art field and it will be united strongly with the Erasmus+ EVS. In our all dissemination activities, there will always be Erasmus+.



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