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GMES - Partnership for User Requirement Evaluation (GMES-PURE)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2013, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The GMES Initial Operations Programme Regulation places the lead of user interaction under EU responsibility. Supporting this, we propose to implement on behalf of the EC a transparent process for user involvement in the definition of user requirements for the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring and Atmosphere Monitoring Services for the timeframe 2014-2035, including their translation into coherent service specifications, service data requirements, and technical requirements for the Copernicus space infrastructure.The process, successfully applied by EUMETSAT to its future satellite programmes, and extended to cover the additional complexity of the Copernicus communities, is based on a broad user involvement; consensus is sought at all stages.The project builds on the heritage of user consultation processes already organised by the EC for the Copernicus Services (GMES Implementation Groups,...), results will be consolidated through specific user workshops and expert team meetings, and be approved by the EC through interactions with the Copernicus User Forum.The project is led by EUMETSAT which, based on its proven expertise, will mainly act as a process provider at the service of Copernicus.Three partners expert in the marine and atmosphere sector with wide European representation complement the consortium, ensuring the involvement of all relevant users, and providing additional scientific expertise.A liaison exchange is envisaged with the 2 Copernicus Services to ensure the proper representation of current user requirements and service specifications.The European Space Agency will provide expertise at project meetings on technical requirements for the space infrastructure. Other EU agencies involved in Copernicus (EEA,EMSA...) will also be consulted.The outcome of the project will be a documented process for requirements definition, which can again be applied by the EC for other Copernicus services, and an approved set of requirements for the future M&A services, ready to support the decisions on the evolution of the Copernicus space component."



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