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Glocalize! Communities Development and global integration
Date du début: 10 août 2015, Date de fin: 9 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Glocalize! Communities development and global integration " is a Youth Exchange, promoted by Associação de Jovens Voluntários de Gaeiras and 4 European partners from Italy, Estonia, Spain and Austria that was held in the towns of Óbidos and Gaeiras between 15 and 22 November 2015, which promoted a dialogue with young people about the future of youth employment within the cultural heritage sector. We tried to use this opportunity to start a young European think-tank which looks at the role that the green economy, cultural heritage and creative industries and the knowledge economy have to play in economic recover. We shared ideas about the economic and local development through understanding and participanting in local dynamics and working within the cultural sector of tangible and intangible heritage. There were severall activities such as: - Morning exercises (energisers, outdoor activity) - Roundtables, oral presentations, debates. - Fieldtrips and studytrips - Workshops on volunteering, media and audiovisual, cultural entrepreneurship, business empowerment and youth development on local communities - Contact with local entrepreneurs and sustainable products. - Intercultural moments. - Studytrip to Óbidos Lagoon and stand up paddling, Parque Tecnológico de Óbidos and Óbidos Literary Village. Cultural Heritage can be a rich door to new job opportunities and for new ways of combating youth unemployment but also to raise the prevention of school dropping, to encourage voluntary activities of young people and their contribution to the development of their local communities. Across Europe the economic crisis is currently dominating headlines. Public funding is under enormous pressure with budget cuts taking place across the EU’s public sector so cities have to address their challenges with fewer resources than before. In this climate of austerity local leaders need to work smart to make sure that policies and local initiatives are efficient enough to generate growth, create jobs and combat exclusion whilst protecting the environment and the cultural heritage itself. This green and sustainable cycle must be assumed as a creative strategy for 2020. Hence, this project wanted to promote - in a non-formal environment - the intercultural dialogue about cultural heritage, discuss and present creative solutions to promote economic and social growth based on cultural heritage, encourage youth to stay in their villages and use their possibilites of economical recovery, raising youth awareness for the matter or preservation of cultural heritage, also promoting the volunteer experience and the development of new products which are succesful because of their autenticity and uniqueness on local communities. Having this in mind, we hope the participants can take home a new perspective for their lives and some capacities to give it a new way of development and sustainable humanity.



4 Participants partenaires