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Glocal Dialogue
Date du début: 2 mai 2016, Date de fin: 1 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CMS Glocal Dialogue14-18 November 2016.22 participants from 18 different entities, coming from15 countries:Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Jordan, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and Spain.KA3 is the great unknown of the Erasmus + program. Few people really know this action and its possibilities, and as it is about "politics" people often do not consider to submit projects because the refusal that word generates in youth. This makes it very difficult to find international partners for the development of projects.This contact making seminar is a meeting and work place for organizations working in the field of youth and who want to develop future strategies for cooperation in key action 3, willing to cooperate and focus on youth participation in the decision-making process to increase actions and effective local policies.Goals:- To provide a meeting point for organizations to exchange information about future projects and foster a solid network of good and reliable partners to make structured dialogue projects with;- To get information needed for applying for and managing kay action 3 projects of good quality and promote their implementation;- To compare the youth participation in different countries and look for the common themes among the present countries, promoting the importance of youth opinion (especially those with fewer opportunities) in the process of decision-making at different levels;- To discover the possibilities of local involvement and to understand the impact and social change a KA3 can have within the local community.- To offer individual and group learning experience through a practical process, allowing participants reflect on their learning process and learn more about the Youthpass. The project will be based on experiential learning, built on experiences and real cases that are interspersed with workshops, briefings, etc.The expected results of this activity is that after the seminar arise new projects (mainly transnational) inside the key action 3. This will have a direct impact on youth participation in decision-making process in the different levels that these projects work.



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