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Global volunteer action: Networking, capacity building, non-formal education and innovation in international youth and volunteer work
Date du début: 1 mars 2015, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Global volunteer action: Networking, capacity building, non-formal education and innovation in international youth and volunteer work” aims to improve quality of international volunteer and youth activities by fostering cooperation between organizations and increasing capacities of organizations and their activists. The project, in its pilot phase, creates opportunities for exchange of information, knowledge, skills and good practices among activists of SCI branches and partners, enhancing synergies and improving the quality of youth work, non-formal learning and volunteering. It spans over 20 months and it includes various kind of activities, namely on opening seminar that will take place in Australia, the Volunteer University in Bulgaria, a training on Social Media and ICT to be developed in Honk Kong, a training for multipliers working with international youth groups in Greece and a final Advanced Volunteer University in Spain. Besides, exchange of EVS volunteers takes place between Europe and Asia (two volunteer from Asia hosted in Belgium and Bulgaria, while 2 European volunteers hosted in Bangladesh and Hong Kong), promoting transnational non-formal learning mobility between Programme and Partner Countries. Participants will come from 25 different countries, thus enriching the intercultural dimension of the project and its impact. Specific target group of the project are youth leaders, youth workers, volunteers and activists, for a total of 105 people involved, who could act as multipliers within their sending organization and who could at the same time contribute to the project content thanks to their experience. The project activities address areas which on national and international level present biggest challenges and needs for international voluntary service, such as use of ICT and social media tools, visibility and effective promotion and awareness raising; project management and leadership in international youth and volunteering work; innovative non-formal education methods to promote intercultural dialogue and volunteering. Update materials on non-formal education to increase the quality of youth work will be available for use and replication to partners and youth workers in SCI (and beyond), and trained multipliers will use and promote them on national and local level in their countries, in local communities and among local partners, NGOs and educational institutions as schools, youth clubs etc.Projects results will be shared among partners and within the networks they are part of. For this reason particularly interesting is the participation, beside SCI, of other major IVSO network, such as CCIVS, NVDA and Alliance. Their inputs on volunteering, non-formal education and youth work will benefit the project, while project results will be contributing to the improvement of the work they are realizing and inspire them with new ideas, that could further be develop in follow up activities deriving from the project.