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Global Studies - A European Perspective
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2019 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Objective The objective of the Global Studies - A European Perspective Master Programme is to qualify students to deal responsibly and on an advanced scientific level with phenomena of globalisation and its accompanying processes in countries of the North and the South on the basis of findings, theories and methods from the Humanities and Social Science, History and Cultural Science.Course duration Two years (120 ECTS)Brief DescriptionDuring the last two decades of the 20th century transnational intertwining increased as the significance of global problems rapidly gained importance. This process is commonly termed 'globalisation'. As a result of an increasing lack of balance with regard to the prospects of independent action, social, political and cultural strategies altered dramatically. These strategies have given rise to a discussion concerning the most suitable paradigms with which to analyse global processes. The M.A. in Global Studies is not restricted to a single method of interpretation but is designed to equip highly-qualified students with the ability to contribute to this forward-looking debate, an essential qualification for enhancing one's prospects in the contemporary labour market. The programme, despite its various approaches their necessary combinations, takes global connections as a starting point for the understanding of globalisation. It views globalisation as follows: 1. Globalisation is not only a phenomenon of past centuries but requires a greater historical perspective. 2. It cannot be merely reduced to economic processes and social consequences but must also investigate the approval and disapproval of political and cultural developments. 3. It cannot only be analysed as a global process of homogenisation but also from the perspective of Regional and Area Studies. 4. It is also subject to interpretation, perspective and intellectual environment. Depending on the individual mobility track it is possible to specialise in particular areas of globalisation research e.g. historical as well as comparative analysis of global entanglements, methods of global history, economic and social history of globalisation, global political economy, global governance, analysis of transformation processes in Central and Eastern Europe and development studies.An international experienceA number of EU-funded scholarships are offered to the best qualified candidates.Career prospectsUpon successful completion of this researched based Master’s course, students qualify for PhD studies and for a variety of job opportunities in practice e.g. in cross- national and supranational agencies, non-governmental organizations, as intercultural mediator or in the field of development cooperation, economy and management. Diploma Successful students of the European Master 'Global Studies' will receive a Master of Arts in Global Studies. Depending on their mobility track a double degree (in case it contains Roskilde and/or London School of Economics) or joint degree (in all other cases) will be issued. The degree will be accompanied by a diploma supplement, which contains further information about the educational university systems used in the Consortium, the qualifications gained by the student during the participation in the programme and her/his mobility track.Website:



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