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Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the 20th century, obesity is one of the most important problem in the world. Up to datas of WHO , the frequency of obesity reduplicated from 1980 in the world. Up to Turkish nutrition and Health Researches in our country, 34,6 % of people that 19 –year- old or older than19-year-old people are overweight and 30,3% of people are fat. Obesity is the most important common people’s problem parallel to world. Obesity shows an increase in the 5 -6 year-old. 1/3 of the obesity children and 80% of teenages are getting fat when they are older. And also it’s known that these events about the obesity stands to childhood. This increases in the world. It has been reported that in European countries 6-17 year-old-teenagers are overweight. The researches in Turkey say that among children the rate of obesity changes between 1.9 % and 30.7 % . The frequency of obesity changes to the rank of social-economic. It is shown that the obesity in developed countries is high. As a Kariyer College we decided to make something by minding these results and determined our subject of project as ‘’global obesity ‘’. In this project we decided to take common activities with our partners Romania and Italy The biggest reasons of determining of these countries are to give an importance to obesity in their education politics and the importance of the different researches about the precautions of obesity. Out of common works of these countries, it will be investigated the obesity at the education and what kind of studies about this subject can be found. Also if the obesity is a problem for our new generation, what can we do against this problem? First of all we had to teach right nutrition to our students. We could do this with the meetings but we thought that practising something would attract the students and in an organisation we decided to launch ‘’Active Life Club ‘’ and we wanted to utilize the volunteer students. Each country will perform a study with 8 volunteer students who have risk factor of obesity. The results of these studies will be reported to partner countries and will be evaluated by the common meetings. Our common aim of this study is to show the importance of the fighting of obesity is necessary for nutrition and exercising in a right way. Because it isn’t enough to give with the education so practising is also important for the awareness of them. And if it is enjoyable , the students’ knowledge is getting large day by day. Each partner country ; • will launch an ‘’Active Life Club’’ and will teach how to cook healthy food to these eight students and present to volunteer students • will provide to respect the program that will be prepared by the dieticians of eight students • will prepare the exercises program, will provide to do twice or three times in a week. Physical education teachers will be responsible for this. These activities can be reachable for everybody via net. At the end of the months, questionnaires and the evaluations will be shared. During our Project, we provide to give some information to our students and their parents by arranging a workshop. Nowadays, frequency of obesity is getting bigger at all ages. The reason of this is nutrition habit in modern life and the childrens’ disengagement of physical activities and closeness to computer games and televisions. For that reason at school it will be arranged the exercise activities. It will be announced to do exercises like enjoable activities; plates,aerobic,gymnastics. That will provide the students an active life. Also there will be an interaction between the students and the parents by bike tournament and trekking into near places. Lots of activities will be occured with our partners and at the end of the project there will be presented an education methodology to our ministery of education. The model of education ‘’Be healthy forever’’ will be offered to all organisations.



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