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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Vocational School Fredenberg (BBS Fredenberg) in Salzgitter is certified as European School. The BBS Fredenberg is predominantly technical orientated and regarding their activities embossed by five large companies in Salzgitter (VW, Salzgitter Steel Incorporation, MAN, Bosch and Alstom). In addition the BBS Fredenberg, with a total of 2,300 students, offers additional/advanced technical training courses and a wide range of other instruction courses, including the areas of elder care, food and crafts and personal care. In 1994 the first school partnership was established with the Industrial College in Stariy Oskol (Russia). In 1995 we established a partnership with a vocational school in Krakow and then we started partnerships with Swindon (GB), Brünn (Czech Republic) and Lappeenranta ( Suomi). In 2014 the last Leonardo project was performed successfully and we have worked for many years with Tandem and the Foundation for German-Russian Youth Exchange. The school planning group for coordinating the European activities consists of eight members and meetings are held monthly. The main aim of the project is the improvement of long life learning, so that the participants can increase their competences in the fields of creativity, flexibility and problem solving strategies so that due to this the participants growing social and individual. Moreover the independent and multi perspective debate within the lab develops the ability of better adapting and understanding different job situations, so that these experiences shall be transferred into their daily working routine. Furthermore the improvement of foreign language competences is an important aim within our project. A common goal of all involved partners is the adjustment of vocational training in the European Qualifications Framework to provide comparable qualifications and thus ease the recognition of foreign school leaving certificates to realize more space for professional mobility. We work with "old“ and "new" project partners. With the "old“ project partners (Poland, Czech Republic and Finland) we share a long tradition of successful mutual teacher and student exchange programs. Our new partners are a Spanish Kindergarden and the Bentley plant in England. For a teacher exchange with four teachers we chose Finland as our partner, because Finland’s sophisticated and successful education system is known for its innovative concepts in vocational education. In our school there are around 40 possible attendees. Most of them are involved in dual apprenticeships (i. e. as geriatric nurses, as bakers or bakery shop assistants, industrial mechanics, electronics engineers for automation technology and mechatronics), the others are in schooling (as nursery nurses, social workers, BFS housekeeping and social care). Underage students are in general accepted, but there is an exception for Finland, where they must be at least 18 years old, so that the student can go there autonomous without be in accompanied by an adult. The selection criteria for the participants are based on the following aspects: interests and motivation, academic achievements, foreign language skills, reliability and an open and matured personality and the mental toughness of the students. Underage students are assisted by an adult. Before starting the lab our students will be prepared in addition to their regular education in linguistic-cultural specifics of the chosen country in cooperation with an Adult Education Centre. During the stay in the host country the affiliate organization the students will be picked up, coached and supervised. After the lab their work will be evaluated. In addition to that our partners have given the commitment that during their stay our students get to know cultural specifics of the host country. We expect from our participants that they achieve the planned goals and that they share their experiences and views with classmates and within their occupational environment (within the regions of Salzgitter / Braunschweig). Moreover we hope that the current project gives us the opportunity to develop new and innovative projects. Due to project work we also hope to increase the attractiveness of our school. In the long term we expect, locally and regionally, to improve comparability and recognition of professional qualifications in the international labor market so that more job mobility will be possible.



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