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Глас за промяна 2
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

With the implementation of the “Vois of change 2” project will apply new methods of education and informal learning. The young people will acquire new competences and personal development. They will broaden their world view and improve their competences in English, will increase their interest in intercultural communication and will be encouraged to be active citizens with EU identity when they communicate with volunteers. The main objectives of the project are motivating young people to join and actively participate in the events around them, promote healthy lifestyles through sport, tourism and outdoor activities in their spare time; improving the teaching and learning of foreign languages; develop entrepreneurial skills; acquiring knowledge and skills through methods of informal education trainings, role plays, art workshops, outdoor activities; impact on unemployment; promotion of volunteering in Tervel and Dobrich to stimulate young people's participation in Erasmus +. With the help of this project will focus on the unity in cultural diversity in the European Union. In the “Vois of change 2” project will include two young people from Georgia and Latvia who will participate in 12 months of voluntary service in Tervel, Bulgaria. All of them have completed a Bachelor Degree and wish to gain more experience in their professional interests, improve their skills and competences and acquire new ones. The main activities of the project are preparation, management and evaluation of voluntary service, volunteer activities: office activities related to the promotion of volunteering and those needed in the administration of projects – creating contacts with partners, information search, dissemination of information, maintenance and promotion of the organization's Facebook page, create a website of the organization; information and advisory activities acquaint pupils and young people with the opportunities for involvement in volunteering under the program “Erasmus+”, acquaintance with the sources of information, necessary documents - covering letters, CV; activities with the youth clubs in the schools, assistance in organizing various initiatives, in the production of information boards for various occasions an problems; participation in trainings of various problems of people, art activities with children at risk for prevention of antisocial activities; work with young people in workshops; sports activities with young people from organization and the city; participation in voluntary campaigns, in campaigns for cleaning and protecting the environment; assistance in the activities of the dance formation in the preparation of dance and stage performances; informal English learning courses. The main methods of operation are learning by practice, team work, interactive and artistic, learning by experience – role plays, workshops, art and music happenings. By communicating with volunteers the young people will have the opportunity to touch other cultures, learn more about the lifestyle, costumes and traditions of the other countries. Comparing the two cultures they will find differences but also many similarities. This will provoke them to learn more about the world around them, the proximity of the other nations and will make them feel part of the European family. The project will lead to the integration of different ethnic groups, creating a tolerant environment, acceptance of differences and respect the rights of everyone. Work in the clubs will lead to: prevention of addictions, diseases and leading a healthy lifestyle, ecological education. Sports activities in the leisure time, easy access to sport facilities will be part of a healthy lifestyle and prevention of addictions. In the project will be encouraged the incorporation of new ideas into existing work in “Docho Mihailov” Vocational School and the youth work. The adoption of two volunteers will contribute to the increasing of volunteers in Dobrich region and will disseminate volunteering at the local and regional level. Coexistence of volunteers from different countries and their contact with the local community will lead to the development of European consciousness, to promote opportunities for preparation and participation in European projects to promote the principles of European politics. With the activities carried out by volunteers in the local community will bring the concept of unified Europe. With the project will be established and strengthen the partnership between host and sending organizations, which in the long term will affect the number and quality of future projects.



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