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Give me an opportunity, i will make it a future!
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Today the world is facing a quite challenging time. Very high level of intolerance discrimination, terrorism, poverty, unemployment. The young people are quite affected of this issues. This hard socio-political and economical processes are demotivating the young people and we must recognaye that their participation in the society is not satisfactioning But there is also on group of young people, that still lives in "shadow". The Roma young people are one of the most excluded groups today. They are facin´g very high level of discrimination, and also as demotivated they don't want to paticipate active in the society. We want to change that fact, and in order to respond to the issues that young Roma are having today, we created this project, which aims to promote something innovative, to encourgage the young Roma, that they can find the work of their dreams and be equal citizens. The project intents to encourage youth not to wait passively for employment possibilities and not to depend on anybody else, but to actively promote themselves and to start their own working position. Therefore, they can positively contribute to themselves, their local society and to the European future as well as to create a network of international cooperation. This project is developed around the idea of young people actively participating in the learning process on the current topic of unemployment and employability, which concerns the young people in Europe, in the Balkan region as well as in the Caucasus and the Middle East. The project will encourage youth to activly seek to understand their place and role in the present day in Europe and beoyond, and to use the chance of influencing society. The activities foreseen in the project are: - team building workshops, in which the "Radioactive waste" or other method will be used, which will introduce them in team work and will teach them tolerance and collaboration; - interactive lectures on the topics of taking initiatives, how to use creative approach toward realising an idea, media tools for self-promotion, improving skills for better employability, through which the participants will express their opinion and learn the new ways of communication; - reflection groups- open space workshop, in which the participants will reflect on learning experiences and outcomes; - discussions and debates, using the "Fishbowl", "World café" or "Statement game" methods through which the participants will be actively involved and will be able to share their attitudes and points of view; - evaluation and follow-up discussions, which can provide solid ground for future projects. These activities will give the participants the basics and the directions regarding the topic and will stimulate their active participation in reaching the goals of the project on their own. The activities within the project will stimulate cooperation between the participants, will provide them with the tools for communication and promotion, so they can improve their presentasion skills, activities, work, career and final products. This can result with better promotion of the topic of unemployment and employability, the tools and the methods learned or created and can help directly influence and stimulate the other youth being actively involved in the field of youth work. The main point is to explain the innovative and creative methods-to get it closer to the participants, to clear it out and to connect it with the power of creativity and the innovative approaches. This will lead them to improve their self-image and confidence, to turn ideas into action, to overcome obstacles, skepticism or fear of failure. From the researches done by us and all of the partners in the project, the unemployment among young people gets serious dimensions in all the respective societies. The idea came from the fact that all partner countries are facing economical crisis and high rate of youth unemployment. This project will stimulate the youth workers to influence the young people to take active part in using all of the opportunities that society offers them, and to fight the fact of lower value that is sticked to them from the society.

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