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Give a Smile to a Child
Date du début: 1 mars 2013,

The project provides the opportunity for eight young European volunteers to spend their voluntary service in Ibadan, Nigeria, in a foster home for children called Children of Promise Ministries (CHIPROM). The volunteers will stay in 2 groups of 4 at the Host Organization for 5-5 months following each other in service. The aim of the project is to introduce volunteering to the life of the children and youth living in the foster home. The main task of the European volunteers will be to assist these children and young persons to develop and implement their small-scale voluntary projects and activities, providing them advice and example on possible initiatives that can be useful for the community and develops the skills of the young person who carries it out. Non-formal learning activities will be organized at the foster home to enhance the learning process through volunteering both the local youth and the European volunteers.Besides supporting the development of the local voluntary and promoting volunteering at the local community, the European volunteers will help and support the children during their daily routine (going to school and returning to the center, doing homework after school etc.) and offering leisure activities for the children (sport, art and craft, music, dance – according to the needs of the children and the interest, skills of the volunteers). The presence of the foreign volunteers will be an added value, widening the horizon of the children and young people living in CHIPROM as well as those in the local community about the essence of small scale voluntary projects.The European volunteers will have the chance to develop their own skills, e.g. communication and pedagogical skills and to promote intercultural dialogue during their service.



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