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Girls coding their own future
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Girls code own their own Future project is youth worker exchange gathering participants from EU & eastern neighboring countries in order to discuss the subject of digital education for girls and young women. It started with a seminar in Luxembourg in november 2015 followed by a second exchange in Madrid in March 2016. The goal of this project is to exchange best practices and experience, especially in informal learning context, to encourage girls and young women to learn how to use new technologies, especially in coding and programming, as an enabler to create new opportunities for theirselves, the society and the economy. This seminar is aimed to youth leaders and project managers active in the field of informal education with a strong interest for the topic of gender equality in regards to new technologies and digital education. According the EU commission The ICT sector suffers from strong steretoypes hence a gender gap. In the meantime digital is creating qualified jobs accross all sectors and employers often struggle hiring. Young Women tend to stay away from the informal activities allowing to accessing this knowledge. Therefore young women are discouraged to pursue further learning & development opportunities, even if they have a strong interest and appetence for the subject. Girls in Tech Luxembourg experience shows that creating girls & women only activities is a efficient way to close the gender gap, in providing a better, more encouraging learning environement and removing some of the gender related barriers directly linked to the technology sector. Young girls & young women are consumer of the web but engineers creating these technologies are mostly men. Indeed European Commisssion notes that in Europe only 20% of computer science students are girls. Employability & entrepreneurship. Learning to use how to use new technologies such as coding & social media is like learning a new language. Learning new technologies is innovative as core. Learning is social and collaborative. Learning to be confident with computers and understand their languages. New technologies as key enabler for digital jobs and entrepreneurship in all sectors. Activities of during the exchange included exchange of best practices, workshops, & field visits such as. - Reflexion on key Digital Competencies - Plenary: sharing of experience and best practices regarding digital education activities focused on girls & young women. - collaborative brainstorming sessions: Why activities for Girls only? How to promote them and get the right message accross? - Intro to programming: practical workshop so all participants can experience learning the basic of code, the language to communicate with computers. Feedback session: how can we improve the learning experience? - Relexion on entrepreneurship: why ITC is a key-enabling competence for entrepreneurship? Short training on the Business Canvas Methodolgy focus on digital tools & competences. - Collaborative session toward to encourage partnership building and design of new projects - Field visit (Hackerspace, one technology company such as Microsoft & a technology incubator) Practical coding workshop: try coding! The participants developed new collaborations towards for new projects such as Youth mobility (KA1) & Strategic partnership projects (KA2) related to ICT & entrepreneurship education for youth & youth workers.



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