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Gigglebug - Evergreen play
Date du début: 27 mars 2013, Date de fin: 26 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Gigglebug and his friends love hiding in Greengown forest and exploring the most peculiar places to hide. They get so excited while playing that they can hardly keep quiet, and their giggling sounds reveal and guide you as you search for them. Giggle & Seek is a simple and fun explorational game for children from 2-5 years old. It is a creative digital version of "hide and seek" - built to be as intuitive, fun and laughter provoking as possible! The game is based on the lovely Finnish brand of Gigglebug owned by our co-producer Gigglebug Entertainment. It's a brand of children's stories, with a clear and simple goal; Make children giggle! They have already created a TV-series that was the most watched pre-school TV show in Finland June 2013 and now has confirmed TV aquisition interest from Switzerland, Denmark, Argentina, Israel, Iceland, Estonia, Hungary and Croatia. They have also released one app-game, and another is just about to be launched. Their first app have been downloaded apx. 100.000 times and have gotten great reviews for players and press. We (Hyper Games) love the simple concept and visual style of Gigglebug, and are thrilled to be working with these talented guys.It's a borderless game where you pan around to look for the hidden characters of Greengown forest. Everywhere you look you find possible hiding places like bushes, rocks, trees, ponds, flowers etc. Anywhere you tap - something will happen: The rock will turn to show tiny insects running around. The bushes will stand up, and you realize it’s actually the fur of some creature. A fish will jump out of the pond and spray water on the screen. Any of these hiding places could of course also have one of your friends. As you’re getting close to a friend’s hiding place they will not be able to contain themselves, and start making giggling noises which gives a hint of their locations. If you tap the righthiding place, they will jump and burst out in infectious laughter - and so will the kids.