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Gidelim Görelim Öğrenelim Öğretelim (2G2Ö)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our institution, which is planning to launch an international project for the first time in its history of 70 years, thinks that the initial condition which must be met on the track of internationalization is the acquisition of linguistic and cultural competences. We think that culture cannot exist without language and vice versa. In this sense, our project whose name is “I have Been, Seen, Learnt and Taught” will help use to recognize the aspects of our own culture and then the European cultures, to communicate them in a better way and to approach the cultural differences with the tolerance of Yunus Emre in the way of internationalization; in addition to this, it will help us to learn new teaching methods and techniques which will include the pupils in the language learning process, to understand that learning a language is not just learning the grammar, to train our pupils in a way to transmit his/her own culture by using a foreign language. As part of our project, first of all we are planning to recognize the aspects of our own culture in a better way and then to recognize the aspects of other cultures, which can be perceived as European cultures here, to learn how to communicate with the other cultures in a better way and to approach the cultural differences and dissonances with the tolerance of Yunus Emre as well as to learn how these differences can contribute to institutional and communicational development. Moreover, we are planning to learn new teaching methods and techniques which will help us to train pupils with the ability to communicate in a foreign language fluently, which is the key in communicating with the other cultures and the transmitter of the culture. We are also planning to teach these new teaching methods and techniques to the staff and pupils in our institution. We are going to make a project team and 5 staff, which will be selected, will go for mobility activities. Implementation of the project will be made by the abovementioned project team who will also go for staff mobility. Leader of the team, whom we regard as ambassadors of our institution, is Teacher of English with A and B levels from language exams called KPDS and YDS (can be regarded as C2) and is extremely qualified concerning English language. The other staff to be selected and the abovementioned team leader will go, see, learn and teach thanks to the courses which will help us to develop our institution’s competences’ needed. Once the project team is formed, a detailed needs analysis will be performed and the aims of our project will be determined in the light of these needs. We have already contacted with the courses thanks to whose courses the basic needs of our institution will be met and pre-registration has been made. Later on, staff selection except the team leader will be made by considering their language exams, certificates, their BA and MA degrees and their IT competences. Once the project is approved, we are going to make a plan of 12 months. We are going to contact with the course providers and determine the dates of the courses to be attended. After this stage, we are going to launch necessary travel and visa formalities. We planned 2 mobility activities within this project. Our staff will attend a 3-stage course about developing cultural competences first and then attend to the course about developing oral fluency of the pupils to learn new teaching methods and techniques. The duration of the mobility is 3 weeks within the project which does not mean that our project is simply made up of the mobility activities. Our project will not be limited for a few staff; it will be available to whole staff and pupils in the institution thanks to dissemination activities. We are planning to use pupil clubs and project team actively in dissemination activities. Seminars and meetings will be held with whole staff to transmit them what we learn during the mobility and project itself periodically. The pupils in EU Club will be trained and sent to outer pupil clubs to transmit the aims and direction of our project. All of the pupils are members of at least one club; by this means, all of the pupils will be informed. Informing whole pupils about the project in pupils clubs by the pupils will increase awareness about European dimension and will enable us to train pupils having great awareness about the projects and will help us to form school partnerships in the future. We are going to self evaluate our project constantly. We are going to find out the level of achievement regarding the project’s aims. With the help of this project, by starting school partnerships in the future, we aim to transform into an institution which is perfectly active in international arena.