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Gıda Güvenliği Yönetim Sistemlerinin AB Uygulamaları Doğrultusunda Sürdürülebilirliğinin Sağlanması
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 1 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Food and Beverage Industry, which is one of the important constituents of the Turkish economy, is the most dynamic sector of the country’s economy with its structure of investment, production and employment. Food and beverage production, which has a strategic significance for Turkey, is one of the biggest industrial sub-sectors and the most important one with its production value, its contribution to employment, and its export and foreign trade supply rates. Food and beverage sector contributes to Turkey’s export; it has constituted around 6% of the total export in 2010 and reached a volume of 6,7 billion US dollars. In 2011 Turkey became the 15th biggest country in the world with its food export. Besides the developments in the tourism sector, the socio-cultural and economic changes have also quickened the development of Food and Beverage Services and thus turned it into an important area of employment. Especially due to its status as a service sector, having all the activities depend on the human factor (food and beverage units of accomodation facilities, bakeries, kitchens of institutions, cafeterias, bars, restaurants, food factories, transportation vehicles) brings forth an obvious need for personnel. In a rapidly changing world for Food and Beverage Services to keep up with the competition conditions, it has become compulsory to train the qualified intermediate staff who have the skills that the sector demands. Furthermore, since fatalities caused by food poisoning and diseases such as chronical allergies, cancer, hepatitis C are mainly based on the consumption of inappropriate food, it is important for the personnel to provide food safety throughout the food chain up to the stage of final consumption, and to offer reliable food. The aim is to raise the awareness of the educators about food safety and possible risks,who will train the personnel to work in the sector in accordance with the mentioned needs, so that the sustainability of food safety will be expanded. The gains of the project will be to enable the transfer of EU compatible food safety and sustainability to the educators of vocational schools in the field through a comparison of the application in Turkey and in Europe; to analyse the EU legislations and the national legislation on the subject and teach the follow-up methods to the students; to analyse the different methods and the design applications in production and work stages special to food safety, and to enable their transfer; to experience coworking with foreign colleagues in the training programmes designed for the sector and in the fields of knowledge, skills, application and professional competence in the EU countries; to develop the vocational foreign language, communication skills and professional competence of the participants; to know the food culture of the host country, introduce to them our cuisine and establish a base for cooperation; to join in professional, cultural, scientific etc programmes related to the food sector; to contribute to food hygiene, health and food safety in our country and to the economic growth of the sector; and to provide sustainability. It will take place in two periods with a total of 22 participants; 12 in Betreibergesellschaft in Germany between 18-31 January 2015 and 10 in Istituto Professionale in Italy between 22 February-07 March 2015. The participants will make technical analysis and observation in the food and beverage facilities of the host countries and will be trained on the modules by participating in the theoretical and applied educational programmes at schools. The total duration of the project is 12 months, beginning on August 2014 and ending on August 2015. The outputs of the project are to form a training module in this field and to propose it to the Ministry of Education to be included in the curriculum. Moreover, it is anticipated with the project to train the students and the prospective employees of the sector on a European level. With the project a quality, healthy and safe food and beverage service will be provided and the satisfaction of the local and foreign customers who benefit from this service will increase; thus the project will contribute to the development of the sector.



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