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GiB8! Health in Professional Life – Health-related skills as a quality factor

The focus of our project "GiB8!" was on an innovative and high-quality orientation of education, where the acquisition of key skills was in the foreground. In view of the demographic change, health-related skills are increasingly relevant for ensuring availability of skilled work force on the European job market. "GiB8!“ made use of the innovative approach "Teaching health-related skills as an interdisciplinary topic" and developed a new concept from it to integrate health-related skills as key-skills in vocational skills – including in occupations outside the health sector. For the test phase, we exemplarily selected four occupations. Doing so, we used an innovative typology of the occupational categories (classified by physical strain). As a result, a guide "Trainer Handbook" was elaborated - with didactic instructions and learning material, to be used in vocational education across teaching subjects and sectors. At the same time, we trained teachers, trainers and multipliers, who will use the material in their regular lessons. Already during the pilot phase, we were able to rely on an expert network covering health, education, economy, job market and administration.



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