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GI-INDEED – Geographic Information in the implementation of Netbased Distance Education for environmental decision making

GI-INDEED or “Geographic Information in the Implementation of Net based Distance Education for Environmental Decision Making” is a pilot project with eight partners from five countries referring to a context where different EU environmental directives are under implementation in member states; Through training of end users the project will contribute to the implementation of EU legislation, it will also contribute to the definition of sectoral standards for competence certification and will develop and test a model for e- learning involving different types of actors as managers and staff in environmental offices, teachers and staff of IT companies. Based on a user needs analysis four training modules will be developed (in EN, SE, HU, SK, IT), three workshops are planned to create knowledge how to work with GI and GIS (= Geographic Information systems) tools in the environmental field. Finally through the implementation and use of a standard training platform (in this field where till now very little adequate training exists) the recognition of individual skills in GIS should become possible, which should also be facilitated by the actions of the pan-European organisations participating.