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GF: grunnleggende ferdigheter for voksne
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Oslo VO Sinsen, created in 2002, offers examination-related upper secondary education and training for adults. The school has approximately 1,500 adult learners mostly aged 25-40. Over half of the students aim to complete their university and college admissions certification. The other students take vocational courses in various programme areas, mainly within health and formative subjects, predominantly health worker education. Many of the adult students also have extensive work and life experiences and they are assessed for their real competence in accordance with national curricula, which can result in a shorter course of training. The number of minority applicants has increased, they account for over three-quarters of all students now, which offers new challenges for the school staff. A large number of students are also at their "second/third chance" of getting their education. With these groups of students we can see now the advantages of working more systematically with basic skills, particularly by using structured conversations that stimulate learning, and also by using different tools for cognitive strategies of thinking. The school's strategic plan for 2015 focuses on: 1. Students’ five basic skills being significantly improved; the focus is on philosophical conversations, mind maps and reading strategies in all subjects. 2. Laying the basis for a dialogue-based approach to learning; this is meant to increase students' participation by asking questions and using their thoughts and experiences as part of the learning process. 3. Improving the quality of teachers' feedback on student work, the way students perceive teachers’ comments and how students benefit from them. The school staff consists of approximately 85 employees, about 50 of which are teachers. It has been the school’s focus from the beginning to adapt education to the adult learner group. The staff is highly educated and many of the teachers have a lot of experience with adult education, but they need methodological replenishments so that we can assist the school ‘s student groups with basic skills that are useful in all subjects. The goal is that students will complete their training in the best way possible and be able to advance to higher education or employment. We are cognisant in our pedagogical work with adults, but we are also ambitious about further improvements through external collaboration with different subjects. Being able to send someone from the staff on courses/conferences where they can get new knowledge, reflect on their own practices, adopt new methods, circulate and share these with others, as well as assist their colleagues in the classroom, are at the heart of the school's annual plan. This is especially advantageous for the school’s adult learners. During common meetings the information is shared within and between subjects. Oslo VO Sinsen invites/receives a lot of external visits and it gladly shares its experiences; besides, the school has several skilful teachers used as lecturers in both our own and other counties, and also in VOX. We believe that in this way we benefit greatly from new learning.