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Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Improve the level of schooling of our students and invest in the development of their academic and professional training skills helps fighting one of the major causes of unemployment and poverty in young people and it can turn into an important tool to fight back social exclusion.Our students, some of them coming from a dysfunctional and unstructured economic environment, hope for an opportunity for social mobility that match more dignified patterns of demand and qualifications.These were the reasons why, bearing in mind the characteristics of our students, we planned this project wishing the promotion of the education and training of our young students that attend courses of Graphic Design, Commerce, Audio-visual and Health. We also seek to promote equal opportunities, giving, in particular, to our disabled trainees (hearing impaired) and/or coming from deprived environments access to a unique opportunity of training abroad, and this experience can't be done without the support of ERASMUS+.So, our project: "Getting skills, opening minds" seeks to improve the quality and efficiency of the training we offer, stimulate creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship and promote equality, social cohesion and active citizenship in young people, thus contributing simultaneously, to value the work done in our school.The recognition and validation of learning done in a mobility context are also one of our goals, together with the improvement of communication skills in foreign languages and the chance to make them aware of other cultures.These are, generally speaking, the goals we set for our European development plan. To achieve them we intend to give our third year students, as well as to students that have recently finished their courses, a set of 20 mobilities, to perform their internship in a working context in Spain, the UK and Italy.Through the cooperation and the establishment of new partnerships with European organisations, we hope that these mobilities have a consistent outcome in the complete education (on the level of professional, social, linguistic and cultural skills) of our students and that their impact may be meaningful in their future career.Other impacts are also expected: in what concerns our school, we expect gains in terms of formative quality, and in what concerns the business community, it will most certainly benefit from better prepared and competent co-workers.The dissemination, a core goal of our project, will contribute also to the wide spreading and growth of its impact. Making the results of these experiences known in the community will make them aware of the opportunities a programme like ERASMUS + can offer, thus encouraging and motivating them to future participation.So, on the short and long term, with the concretization of this project, major gains will be achieved: an innovative education and more ambitious training to our students; the introduction of innovation in the learning process, namely on the technical-pedagogical level; a stronger relationship between local decision-makers, organizations, schools and citizens and fulfilment of a common goal on the level of active citizenship and entrepreneurship, having on its basis Europe 2020 Strategy.



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