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Date du début: 17 juin 2014, Date de fin: 17 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

1. Scouting Slovakia offers three young volunteers from the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and the Great Britain the chance to spend one year in Slovakia, taking part in the everyday life of our organisation. We want to involve them especially in three areas of our work: A. program section - dealing with ínteresting program offer for various age groups from children to young adults, developing, planning and organising events on regional and national level B. educational section - developing qualification offers for teenagers and young adults taking over the responsibility for smaller or larger teams. C. support section - helping to develop our webpage to reach various target groups and possible supporters of our mission and vision The volunteers will be integrated in existing teams working on these issues and have a chance to contribute with their ideas, creativity and experience to their further development. At the same time, they can draw inspiration and knowledge from our existing activities that they will help organise - such as Patrol Leaders Forum, Seminar on Quality, Rover Moot etc. In this way, they get to know many young people from all around Slovakia and have the chance to explore different corners of the country. 2. A volunteer is involved in the implementation of the EVS-project taking place in Krasnoyarsk City, Russia. The project lasts nine month from the 1st July 2014 until the 1st April 2015. Within the project a volunteer will be involved in the current projects of INTERRA (preparing and implementation of Youth exchanges, bilateral international project-management, ) and several activities carried by Educational Center of INTERRA (foreign language clubs, lectures/discussions in culture, art, urban life development etc.), two structures which are closely linked one to another, mainly by their goal: active involvement of young people in civic participation in the community development by the way of non-formal education, to promote international exchanges and cross-cultural understanding and tolerance, to create the necessary prerequisites for developing of personal and professional growth. The service enables the volunteer to get to know a different culture, question his/her point of view, learn about new topics and exchange closely with the local youth, learn and share.



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