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Getting Better Together
Date du début: 10 mars 2016, Date de fin: 9 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CONTEXT"Getting Better Together" is introduced by a group of youngsters from San Pedro del Pinatar and San Javier. Thanks to the Young Correspondants program from the region of Murcia we started to collaborate in different projects and activities in own towns, making their Youth City Councils get close to each other too.When the 2012/2013 edition of the "Young Correspondants" program finished, the two Youth City Counciles decided to join together to carry out a youth exchange, since their youngsters addressed that topic during one of the meetings of the program. That's how the project "United" appeared, based on cyberbullying and the use of new technologies.Throughout this project, which is already finished, the young participants became amazed of the cultural differences between them. These experiences lead our youngsters to become interested in nutrition and sports. We realized that the people around us has wrong or very few knowledge about these topics, and the need to carry out a new youth exchange through Erasmus+ with the topic of health, focused on sports and nutrition, appeared.GOALSThe goals of our project are:To encourage our youth to carry healthy lifestyles by promoting healthy diets and exercise.To promote healthy sport habits so people can practise sports safely.To make teenagers aware of the danger of alcohol and drugs.To provide teenagers with appropiate ways to deal with stress so they can also have a good mental health.To promote the active citizenship in general, and especially the European citizenship, making the participants aware of the advantages of the European Union.To exchange our different cultures, that will promote tolerance and favour the mutual understanding to strengthen the social unity of Europe.PARTICIPANTSThe participants will be teenagers between 15 and 20 years old. There will be 13 youngsters and 2 leaders from Spain, adding 8 younsters and 2 leaders from each partner of our project, which are "Integration För Alla", "Youth of Europe", and "Open Space". Teenagers with less opportunities will take part in the project, such as the Swedish participants in risk of social exclusion from IFALL, and the Polish participants from Youth of Europe from the poorest regions of the country.ACTIVITIES & METHODOLOGYWithin nutrition, each country will share their traditional food and we'll learn about the different nutrients food is made of and how to balance them in our diet. To achieve that, we'll do a workshop to learn how to read food labels and another one about healthy food.Within sports, we'll learn how to warm up and stretch properly to avoid injuries, how to play sports safely, and the advantages that sport and excercise has on our health. We'll teach this to the participants through the practise of different sports during the exchange, and with a workshop about physical conditioning.Within health, we will learn first aid, we will talk about the effects of our diet in our health, we'll discuss about eating dissorders and drugs among teenagers, and we'll talk about how to deal with stress. In order to do that, an expert will discuss with the participants in a variety of workshops and will clear their doubts.There'll also be a workshop about the European Union to make the youngsters aware of their citizenship, and after the project there'll be workshops in each participant country and we'll use social networks as a way of spreading our project.We're looking for our youngsters to make their own conclusions and to think critically and impartially by doing various debates during our exchange and using a non formal method. Through games and workshops they will learn all they need to carry out this project appropriately.IMPACTThe result we're waiting for is that our youngsters become aware of the importance of practising sports and having a healthy nutrition, for our physical and mental health. With the training we're going to provide, the participants will be able to carry a healthy life and to identify bad habits that exist in the people they're surrounded by and in their society. With the activities and social tools that we have planned to use for the diffusion of this project, we hope that our message reaches the biggest number possible of people on a local and international level, so a social change is made to a healthier lifestyle.LONG-TERM BENEFITSAs long-term benefits, we hope we can make the participants aware of their unhealthy habits in terms of nutrition and exercise. We look for the decrease of the rate of depression and anxiety among teenagers. We try to end with sedentarism through the promotion of sport for a more active lifestyle. Also, with the promotion of a healthy diet, we want the obessity rate to decrease as well as the rate of eating dissorders. Due to the increase of healthy lifestyles, the life quality of life will improve and people will have enough energy in their bodies to feel good physically and psychologically.



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