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Date du début: 11 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 10 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Training Course named "#getACTive" will take place in July 2016 in the town of Reydarfjordur, in the region of Fjardabyggd, in Iceland. The target group of this Training Course are youth workers, who either live in rural areas in need of development or in urbanized areas. Rural regions often provide few possibilities and little infrastructure for the local youth, who thus often abbandon the areas or suffer from isolation and, eventually, even from addictions to narcotics or mass media. The urbanized areas, on the other hand, might offer more infrastructure and opportunities, but the youth has easier access to and is subject of criminal behaviours, experiences the struggle of those moving to the cities hoping for a better future and is thus more aware of the unfair distribution of wealth and opportunities focalized in cities. The objective of this Training Course is to find new and innovative ways to create new opportunities for young people in rural areas and empower them to implement such means and structures theirselves. By sharing examples of best practices from different countries, by developing ideas and solutions and promoting the exchange of knowledge, active citizenship and entrepreneurship, the participants become more aware of the dangers of such negative developments, learn to see the need of change and, above all, create a set of tools and measures to find solutions for their individual and common problems. All the workshops and activities promote the inclusion of all groups and individuals, both on a local and on an international level. The vast majority of the planned activities is in the realms of non-formal and also informal education: the course includes workshops on problems of and solutions for rural areas, dangers of social isolation and addictions and the role of the individual in regional development. The participants, who come either from rural or urbanized areas, will find the region of Fjardabyggd an interesting example of such regions in need of development and immediate action. The highlight and key activity of the Training Course will be the preparation, execution and evaluation of an Idea-Bazaar in cooperation with the local community. The ideas elaborated on during the bazaar and the Training by both the participants and the locals will be the basis for the list of projects that could be implemented to develop rural areas all over Europe and beyond. This list will find manifestation in a brochure created during the Training. The knowledge, skills and information gathered during the Training Course will be taken to the participants' home countries, where they can spread and use them to implement ideas, boost active citizenship among young people and, above all, further develop the ideas using the means of the Erasmus+ Programme.



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