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Get up! Support civil courage campaigns
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Get up! A training course on Civil courage campaigns– Vienna, Austria, 5.-11.6.2016 (incl. Travel days)Countries involved: Austria, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, France, Italy, Finland, Poland, Turkey, UK, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic and EstoniaIn 2015 Grenzenlos was running 2 civil courage trainings targeting EVS mentors and people involved in youth projects. (I can do it! How to promote civil courage within the EVS, Vienna in June 2015 supported by Erasmus+ and Stand up! How to support civil courage within your youth projects, Tulln July 2016 supported by the European Youth foundation)These trainings were based on the individual possibilities how to react in a situation where civil courage is needed. The success of the previous courses and the political issues all over Europe showed the urgent need for civil courage. As a next step we would like to work on how youth organizations can run campaigns on the subject of civil courage as the external trainers and the participants found that this was a missing element for which we did not find the space in the already held trainings. Youth organisations and civil society can play a very powerful and important role in society. Our training courses in 2015 showed that the concept of civil courage is very new to most of the youth organisations and still not known everywhere. Some languages even lack a word for it. The need for this training course is very much connected with the “civil and courageous” values and attitudes that young people and youth worker in organizations carry. For this reason, we will focus on participants learning process touching important elements as integrity, participation, critical thinking, self-esteem, dialogue in order to empower them to start campaigns according to their countries and working realities. Furthermore we would like to use the chance to create a Manual on Civil courage methodologies to allow also other organisations to use the methods developed and explored during the 3 civil courage trainings and to spread it.Civil courage essentially describes two things: a person’s courage to speak out in the public sphere, and readiness to stand up and help their fellow citizens in time of need. Ones ability to judge and act upon civil courage comes when one clearly senses injustice. Sometimes just the use of the word "civil courage" can have a liberating effect on someone with a sense for it.But not only individuals can speak out, also organisations can raise their voices and change injustice in their environment through different channels. Campaigning can be one of them and we would like to explore the possibilities together with all involved partner organisations. We intend to organize a 5-day training course on how to plan and implement civil courage campaigns within each organisations context. The training is aimed for youth workers or active members of the participating organizations.Aims and Objectives To promote and teach civil courage within youth organisations and give youth workers tools to implement them  To share methods on how to encourage youth workers and members of youth organizations to stand up for their own beliefs To experiment with different methods of campaigning (facebook, flashmob, action day, dance in public,….) To sensitize on situations where civil courage is needed  To give youth workers within their organisations methods on how to design civil courage campaigns through their members and participants To give participants and youth organisations involved in international voluntary projects or other youth projects tools to stand up against racism and unequality  to get inspired by practical examples and organisations working in Vienna Grenzenlos has an inclusion focus within all our programs. Therefore also this training is accessible for participants with a physical disability. As we offered this opportunity also in the previous trainings but did not have a lot participants with this profile we were this time stricter and made more efforts already in the preparation phase to ensure that the inclusion does not end with a beautiful idea but will also take place!



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