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Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Context.Young people have the right to ask questions, raise concerns and to refuse to do work that is unsafe.At the same time, we have a responsibility to follow the policies of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and take care of our own security and that of our peers. If I am a young worker and I have a problem, the most important thing is that you notify someone. Talk to the head, if possible. If not possible, talk with the representative of security, health personnel at work or with my parents, guardians or an / a partner / a trusting work. This project grows our own experiences in working environments, both paid and volunteer. In fact, we have experienced serious deficiencies in those environments. We call for reflection:- Ask questions if you have doubts about something.- Know your rights and learn where to find help.- Understand the risks and understand what to do in an emergency.- No efectúes tasks for which you have not been trained and follow the procedures.The overall objective of this project is to promote young people that we know work environments and organizations that have in their DNA the gene for happiness to incorporate elements of the culture of prevention.The specific objectives, activities and methodology detailed in the annex.The profile of the participants will be particularly motivated young, mu involved in the success of the proposed task, constantly aware of the value of their shares and responsible, in any case, of the improvements.Expected impact.Activities under this project contemplated an "abnormal" or singular presence of a group of young aliens and citizens in various scenarios. In this regard we include the Canary Islands Institute of Occupational Safety (ICASEL), which to date has never been involved in international projects. This witness will think and will encourage the interest of technicians and other personnel there working for our presence at this time giving way to a spontaneous multiplier effect, as the number of people attending the activities are ICASEL It has identified hundreds in events, with many potential future participants in the program. So we'll clearly identified and will distribute a lampoon that we are designing with project information and "Erasmus +" program. In this impact the fact that when young people from different countries have visited the island return to their countries, which have there and spread the achievements adds, will serve as leverage for other territories and in their local community. Similarly, we will do some meetings to report the results of the project, inviting other young island to promote projects like ours and, if possible, better. But the impact will be immediate participants, and we are living now, and we learn a lot each passing day in this partnership. Many abilities and skills that until now we had been taught in our schools of "formal" study. In our organizations it is being strengthened and collective capacities to address challenges of great complexity. But the young people beneficiaries of the organizations we will contact also part of this cast of people living in a more or less direct this project, its activities and their impact.Possible long-term benefits of this project are concentrated in the learning set of items acquired through non-formal and informal approach in a particularly attractive setting, Gran Canaria. Each and all are convinced that this will be a unique and unforgettable experience, giving us not only knowledge but also new ways of understanding the world in which we live and the value of preventive attitudes in all spheres of our life.



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