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Get Re-Involved!
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Get Re-Involved!" project will take place in Italy , in the city of Forli, involving 7 young people from 4 different countries ( Spain , France, Germany , Russia ) .The main objective of the project is to promote solidarity and active citizenship among the participants by giving them the opportunity to experience volunteering services in different areas (children, youth , disability ) .By being part of a single project , the participants will be encouraged to interact with each other and with the local community and this will help them to increase their awareness and understanding about other cultures and countries and offer them the opportunity to create international relations in order to develop a greater sense of European identity and citizenship .The receiving organisations involved in this project proposal are the social cooperatives L'Accoglienza and Il Cammino , the Foundation Opera Don Pippo and the Consorzio Solidarietà Sociale and they are working in the field of children , youth and disability , recognizing for years the value of EVS and promoting non-formal learning as a tool for the growth of all the partecipants involved.Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on important issues both at local and European level as the inclusion , tolerance and solidarity between people and generations , and Get Re-Involved! aims to meet the need of "discovery " and " involvement " of volunteers developing good quality results with methods of non-formal education and with many years of experience of the social organizations involved .By participating in this project and being involved ( hence the name of the project ) actively every day in the different activities proposed ( and that the volunteers will propose ) , the young people will also have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills useful for their future work . The activities are of different types : creative , entertainment , socialization , promotion and support, etc. . and volunteers will also have the opportunity to develop their activities according to their skills and interests.The beneficiaries of the project will be primarily the volunteers themselves , then the receiving organizations , their users and operators , but also the organizations and countries of origin of the volunteers: their community will have a young "witness " that is excited to have been protagonist of a "life changing experience"!


8 Participants partenaires