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Get empowered, get employed! New Skills for youth entrepreneurship
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Get empowered, get employed!” is a high-level quality training course organized by Junak - svaz skautu a skautek CR in cooperation with partners from 29 different Scout Organisations from all around Europe. The 4 days-long training course will take place on 26-30 November 2014 in Prague, the Czech Republic. The quality of the project resides in the shared ownership of it. The idea of “Get empowered, get employed!” training course comes from the analysis of common needs between different organisations active in delivering youth work at local and national level. The training course will help to empower 45 young people (active youth leaders) to take initiative and express their opinions and visions to become the voice of change in their communities and organisations. During the training course the participants will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge, attitudes and a number of skills (e.g. digital skills, communication skills, foreign language skills, public speaking, moderation, intercultural sensitivity, project management skills, job-related skills and creativity) to become the “voices” of their ideas to different audiences. It will be also opportunity for them to realise that leading by example is one of the most effective ways of making young person to have the need of being part of decision-making processes and similar participation areas; understand what representation work is, why it is important for young people and their organisations, and what are the main challenges. From the sending organizations point of view, the project provides an opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices, network, develop new ideas on how to promote youth empowerment, etc. that will be a benefit for the organizations as a whole. A specific focus of the event will be on offering the participants methodologies and ideas on how to spread and disseminate their learning within their organizations in order to enable them to act as multipliers. The training course has been designed as a combination of theoretical and practical inputs, always using non formal methods, learner-centred and interactive, such as audio-visual presentations, case studies, "micro trottoir" (vox populi), group discussions and team tasks, role play games and other active methods. The main impact of the project will be in transferring a set of skills, knowledge and attitudes empowering motivated volunteers to take an active role in bringing positive change in their organisations and local communities. The desired impact on their organisations at the local and regional level is to increase an awareness of youth participation and youth empowerment as a key tool for youth to be the protagonists of their lives. In particular, the project aims to ensure that partner organisations attract more young people to become members and participate and contribute to the development of the society.



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