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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

BACKGROUND : The background for the project is for close local cooperation in international operations with varied project partners. Ekami and other local operatives, development organizations, university of applied sciences and other vocational institutions have realized the need to commit into project cooperation and exchanging experiences by annually participating in Brussels Open Days event, where the representatives of the cooperative institutions will also be invited. The second underlying factor is to develop the procedures for identification and recognition of prior learning. The college’s management has documented the general international exchange principles regarding the implementation of ECVET into the international strategy. There is awareness of ECVET in many of the partner countries, however, putting it into practice has not necessarily started, not even in national level. The third influential aspect is the need for more long-term planning of mobility. As a solution, it has been decided to create an international path for the students. This path will be endorsed by the teacher’s international path. Fourth goal is to gain volume for mobility and participation of new groups. The international exchange volume of the students going abroad is approximately only a half of the national mean value. The objective of the college is to achieve a controlled increase in the exchange volume without harming the quality. THE OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT: Objective 1: Local cooperation in order to enhance international operations Objective 2: To further the implementation of ECVET Objective 3: Developing and implementing a long-term international path Objective 4: Creating new mobility groups and increasing the exchange volume THE AMOUNT AND PROFILE OF THE PARTICIPANTS The number of student mobility in the project is 97; their backgrounds are: - 60 students of vocational basic education - 5 students of vocational adult education - 16 teachers of vocational basic education - 5 teachers of vocational adult education - 6 instructors of coastal workshops - 5 workplace instructors DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES/MAIN ACTIVITIES 1. Activities for enhancing the local cooperation in international operations 2. Activities for implementing ECVET 3. Activities for developing and implementing a long-term international path 4. Activities for creating new mobility groups and increasing the exchange volume MEANS AND METHODS USED TO CARRY OUT THE PROJECT The project detects new possibilities to develop international mobility through participant network. This investigation creates a foundation for a mobility plan, which is tested in practice. The mobilities will be a part of ECVET execution. The gained experiences will help develop the exchange implementation. DESCRIPTION OF RESULTS AND EFFECTS The effect of international exchange on further education will be detected through local cooperation. This, in turn, may increase the students’ motivation to participate in student exchange, thus improving the results of the exchange. ECVET-based activity will provide a more goal-based execution of exchange and a better utilization of the study period in carrying out the qualification. Long-term international path will provide a vast amount of possibilities for the student to prepare for the exchange and, also, independently study languages, for instance. Activating new groups will increase the mobility by 50 per cent, on average, which will create more equal possibilities for the students and the teachers to participate in exchange. POSSIBLE LONG-TERM BENEFITS The expanding of cooperation and long-term planning and implementation may open new, unpredicted possibilities in developing the exchange.



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