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Date du début: 1 oct. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project was born as a natural develop of the experience in Euromed project, carried out by Daniela Ricciardi e Silvia Padrini, responsibles of the project at the Joint Association. The two of them have recently participated in Euromed project, where they have found a great interest for youth active participation projects in partner organisations, making possible a partnership process in which every organisation can offer its strong points. Joint Association, in particular, has invested so much energy in youth active participation projects. In past years, it has implemented two international exchanges, 'Act for change' and 'Acting for democracy', concerning the active role of youngsters in society. For the next projects presentation's deadline Joint is preparing another exchange concerning active participation, which seeks for an active experience of decision-making and consensus for the participants. This project comprehends a bigger develop strategy for running projects concerning active participation and also wants to include partners from Northern Africa and Middle East. Regarding the tools used for achieving our goals, Joint has set different theatrical resources as encouragement for taking part in web uses, as an accessible and international way to promote shared participation. Joint Association has shared common goals with partner associations and as a result of that has develop programms for working together. Every organisation should contribute with its best tools, as Joint will do with theatrical and web skills. The project follows these objectives: Get more involved with new partners Get better communication and feedback results Gain knowledge of different methodologies and instruments for active participation Share good practices concerning the planification and implementation of Erasmus programm Take advantage of Joint experience in organising youth exchanges and get new partners from other mediterranean regions Promote future projects concerning youth active participation For a better achievement, we've planned the project for ten european and ten mediterranean organisations. Every organisation could contribute with one or two youth workers, for a group of no more than 30 participants. The youth workers will be related to the different organisations and interested in youth active participation programms. Gender balance will be required, and about age and experience issues, will be managed with the assitance of more experienced workers teaching to the youngers through workshops and other tools. The project will raise both inmediate and long-term results, with impact and benefits at different levels. First of all, sharing experiences and skills will suppose a qualitative improvement for local performances of every organisation related to the project. We also expect sharing good practices, through the creation of a web portal where every participant could exchange ideas, skills, experiences and proposals for intensifying relationship between every mediterranean country. The portal will remain usable for everyone who wants to share his impressions. The labour and communication method will serve as a valuable skill for partners in this project but also in future programms. Sharing common goals and working together will be anyway a precious learning for active participation and youth programms in every participant country. The qualitative & quantitative impact in partners organisations will be remarkable, in the sense of approaching Euromed projects to organisations interested in take part of them but yet inexperienced in the subject, specially regarding the variety of countries involved in the process.



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