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Get ACTive - Forum Theatre for Gender Equality
Date du début: 27 août 2016, Date de fin: 26 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Get ACTive" is an intercultural youth exchange that will be held in the countryside of Hungary from 5 to 15th of August in 2016, involving 20 partcipants from Hungary, Italy, Spain, and Bulgaria. All of the partners have been connected in previous projetcs with the organizer assosiation, Útilapu Hálózat before. All of the participants share interest in the objectives of the project, the importance of the discussion of gender issues and learning the method of Theater of the Oppressed and write a new play on gender issues based on the participants’ input. Also important objective to share best practice and personal experiences and empower participants with the necessary know-how and encouraging them to start their own forum theatre groups in their communities, thereby building the capacity of their respective organisations and build a network of forum theatre groups.The activities are based on Boal’s group process completed with other art, body and theater technique. First the group is formed through cooperation games, body-awareness, wokring on the senses and making the body expressive. Then basics of Image Theater, Newspaper Theater and Invisible Theater methods will be introduced. The group will work on the gender theme through own expereinces and previous preparations, which will lead to group work on an optional dialogue and build a play to perform for the local audience. This performance will be ready with work and adaptation to be performed by the partner organizations and their community to dissaminate the project this way too and show the effectiveness of Forum Theater for creating dialogue. A media team will cover the event and will provide visibility to the results.The project intends to generate positive reaction among the partners and participants involved. The envisaged impact will produce development in self-knowledge and competences also in the gender theme and Forum Theater method. As a result a collection of games and exercises will be ready to give a toolkit for all who has participated. Also the future plans created in the end of the week can be opened for cooperation later on. At the same time the network of groups of Forum Theater can be organized as a potentional longer term benefit.



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