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Geschichte(n) Erleben - europäisches Freiwilligendienst in der Russischen Förderation
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The EVS-Project „Experiencing History – European Voluntary Service in the Russian Federation” of Aktion Sühneizeichen Friedensdienste is a one-year german-russian encounter program with the focus on history, present and the consequences of the National Socialist era. During these 12 month a young volunteer from Germany will support the work of an human rights organisation Youth Memorial Perm. She will enter into an intercultural and intergenerational dialogue with local people and through her practical work she will contribute to improvement of the situation of the elderly in Russia. Through encounters with people who were victims of the totalitarian regimes and still suffer under the consequences of these repressions, the volunteer experience the importance of history for the presence. Through her European Voluntary Service these young woman can learn the concepts of active citizenship and civil involvement as for a politically stable and peaceful Europe. In addition, she gain skills and abilities for her future professional life. The memories of occupation and extermination policy of the National Socialist regime in Russia are still alive and quite painful. Volunteers' participation can be seen as a sign of solidarity and Europe's cohesion also at times of crisis or conflict. Especially where politics fails, it is important to support the civil society engagement. The project “Experiencing History” contributes to a better understanding and cooperation between Europe and its eastern neighbour; serves to strengthen the local civil organisations and to support the people, who are active in social cohesion, dialog and human rights protection.



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