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Geriatri Hemşireliğinin Avrupa Boyutu
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

With the increase of the elderly population in our country and the world, the necessity of taking protective measures for physical and mental health of the elderly has emerged. In our country, home care services should be generated in a professional manner to cope with problems which are related to elderly care. In Turkey, the need for elderly services area has increased in recent years. Nursing education seems to be far from content and quality to meet that needs in the area. Determination of the model in service delivery is important as much as making necessary manpower and infrastructure planning. Training individuals who provide elderly care service and making arrangements for employment will increase the quality of services. Our project was established in the framework of these requirements and the project involves “Geriatric Nursing and Home Care Applications” training in Romania and Czech Republic for students studying nursing department in our school. To take advantage of the project in an efficient manner, 30 students are required to take 2 weeks practical training. Our students are receiving “geriatric and home care” module. However, they cannot graduate as competent in the field of geriatrics and home care because of limited number of teaching hours and some problems like inability to receive applied training. So they cannot meet the demands of the private sector. For this reason, the purpose of our project is to improve students’ practical skills in the area of geriatric nursing and thus contributing to the employment rate. The other purpose of the project is to expand their professional vision by allowing students to see other geriatric practices in Europe. To make planning and to conduct the project, preparation team will be organized in our school. The team will be responsible for organization of the project, conducting the project, and conventionalizing of the project and its results. At the end of the project, our students will enhance their professional knowledge and skills in geriatric nursing. Students who feel competent about their skills will be able to employ public and private health institutions and also they will return to healthcare professions needed in the industry. Long term outcome is that by means of training they receive, the capacity of our organization will be increased and our school will take place between schools shown as an example in the health education.



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