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Geometrical Quality Control and Large Scale Metrology in the Aeronautic Industry
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2019 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

BACKGROUNDThe aeronautic Industry have a special place in European advanced manufacturing. It's stands in the high-added value productions and uses the most demand technologies and quality control . To ensure interchangeability and advanced performance, parts to be assembled need appropriate QUALITY CONTROL as well as advanced design and optimisation. A key factor for the successful implementation of advanced manufacturing is the competent use of the most innovative equipment for quality control. 3D measuring technologies for large scale are by far the most important tool for these specialised activities, and HIGHLY COMPETENT AND SKILLED PERSONNEL is required to operate, programme and manage the equipment. As reported in many scientific papers, frequently the operator with his/her decisions is the most relevant error source in Geometrical Quality Control operations, in particular when dealing with innovative technologies. Currently, there are no offers for structured and supported learning in this field, or ubiquitous access to a convenient knowledge base on portable and large-volume metrology.PRACTICAL WORK using measuring equipment is vital for successful VET. Blended learning can efficiently support VET in this field and be very effective for learning the latest innovations. PROJECT OBJECTIVES a) enhance the attractiveness of VET in metrology, integrating features such as the use of modern content delivery tools (e.g. tablets, apps) and social networking;b) produce high quality learning content on innovative measuring technologies (including: Mobile CMMs, Laser tracking and Large Scale Metrology);c) Upgrading of the learning content delivered by a previous EU project with 10 years of successful follow-up activities;d) facilitate the participation of companies to VET activities, in particular companies in aeronautic sector, allowing innovative way of doing PRACTICAL WORK on real equipment in adequate infrastructure;e) develop a European system for the identification and recognition of skills and qualifications in relation to VET in Geometrical Quality Control as a contribution to the implementation of the ECVET in a relevant area of competence for the advanced manufacturing industry with special focus on aeronautic industry.PARTICIPANTSCATIM –Centro de Apoio Tecnológico à Indústria Metalomecânica, Portugal (Coordinator)Univ. of Padua, Dept. of Industrial Engineering, Italy CMTrain -Training for Coordinate Metrology e.V., GermanyUniv. of Huddersfield, Centre for Precision Technologies, UKUniv. of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland, Institute for Production Metrology, Materials and Optics, SwitzerlandRESULTSThe project will deliver the following concrete results: 1. new procedure for Positioning assessment of competence and definition of personalised learning paths2. new procedures and ICT tools for innovative content development and distribution;3. new Open Educational Resources (OER) on innovative measuring technologies, produced in Europe;4. enriched and updated outputs of a previous EU project with 10 years of successful follow-up activities;5. translation of revised existing content to additional European languages; 6. modern tutor-learners interaction, bridging the worlds of education and work;7. a European Qualification System for VET in Geometrical Quality Control and Large Scale Metrology.IMPACT1) Advanced manufacturing industry- reduction of quality issues due to lack of competence in metrology, especially at suppliers- improved new product development, based on better understanding of parts functionality - understanding metrology without having in-house measuring equipment- increased general acceptance of qualifications related to Geometrical Quality Control and Large Scale Metrology2) Suppliers of metrology equipment and services- faster introduction of innovative measuring systems and new services- better acceptance of new technology by customers3) VET and Higher Education institutions - new courses and training services on innovative measuring technology in Aeronautic industry- universities can offer the new content (advanced levels) to engineering students AT INTERNATIONAL LEVEL- contribute to increased the leading role of Europe in advanced manufacturing- global access to high quality new training materials in English, German, Italian and Portuguese that illustrate the benefits of innovative measuring technologies, mostly “made in Europe” in Aeronautic related industryLONGER TERM BENEFITS- improved quality of life (e.g. less noise and vibrations due to better control of form)- more reliable products (e.g. understanding part functionality using advanced metrology)- more efficient products (e.g. improved efficiency thanks to complex shaped components)- environmental benefits (e.g. reduction of scrap during production and less prototype iterations)



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