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Geo project
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project Geo is a pioneering project at an European level because it does not focus on a concrete sport, or an age or social group in particular. Adopts the territory and his communities as the centre of its action. Geo does not focus on traditional sports, it takes a differentiated approach that puts the individual at the centre of group decision-making process through the use of the new sports of nature unknown to the general public, using adapted sports solutions focused on the autonomy of the individual and through events and dynamics of sports directly linked to community life. This network will create in each country local maps / regional of inclusive solutions that will be built on the social and sports answers that already exist but are not networked. These maps have an online version and an institutional (through Geo Arena spaces), but more than that, they will be constantly updated and will allow any citizen to find a sports solution that suits them and best fits their profile.We will create the Geo Sports In Maps, a social services network of sports that are based on the integrating principle of the "No one loses." The Geo Sports In Maps will consist, nationally, by Geo Arena Spaces, of community sports clubs that will work (networked) as resource centre that will give access to the communities sports, provide specialized human resources and materials and its own spaces sports. Each Geo Arena Space will have a management team composed of members of the community, sports technicians and technical partners that will have the responsibility to build, design and bring to a community the sports ground plan. The Geo Arena will be linked to the Network at national / European level. We will involve: 1,300 people; 5 countries; 9 regions; 50 coaches.



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