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generation X over

Generation cross-over: an international exchange between cultural identities.A project that focuses on intergenerational and intercultural cross-over, an exchange where mutual understanding and sharing experiences through artistic expression and learning are strenghtening the connection between different generations and cultural identities. In six different European countries a group of fifteen ageing people is involved in every level of the project. In their own countries Belgium, Hungary, Portugal and Slovenia they are participating directly in a creative meeting process with their own identity confronted to younger generations identities. Chasing the same aim and objectives the groups will have different artistic inspired trajects, supported by different methodologies. The outcome of the project will be experienced by each participating senior through mobility to international meetings with staff and participants in all involved countries. Each international meeting there will be another topic to evolve concerning the cross-over generation. Creating together a video installation with inputs from different directions, the differences and similarities between generations and cultural identities will be disseminated. Through this intercultural, international and intergenerational cross-over and fertilization the project aspires to break down stereotypes and raise tolerance and mutual understanding between generations, between cultural identities and between people.



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