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Generation SiSoMo
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Generation SiSoMo stands for young creative people learing from eachother via Sight, Sound and Motion on a screen. Eight motivating and engaging audiovisual tasks will be done in two years time by hundreds of students in Holland, Spain, Italy, Denmark and Sweden. They will be challenged to show their peers where they are from, what they like and who they are. 160 students will get the opportunity to stay in a hostfamily and truly learn and appreciate the local life of a fellow European. Hopefully it will result in a lifetime long understanding and friendship. During these two years 5 mobility moments will take place according to a certain pattern. One of the big keys is where teachers will inspire other teachers during their audiovisual specialtyworkshop. These workshops are needed to take the upcoming task to the next, higher level. These 160 students will be the teachers assistent after the mobility for the coming months with the new task. Besides an assistent these students are tutors for other students in a peer-to-peer setting. The projectwebsite, run in Etwinning's Twinspace, will be the centre of the Generation SiSoMo. Outcomes of all the results will be presented on the projectwebsite and best practises will be highlighted in a Hall of Fame section. They will be rewarded with a certificate. Italian designed SmartApps will make this project unique in it is kind. Apps have hardly been created in a Comenius or Erasmus+ project before on the level of school only partnerships. All the activities will have a an impact, on both teachers and students. It will increase their mobility, video ICT and other media skills, intercultural and languages competences. The increased competences will be a profit for each student’s career in their coming working lives as well as in their private sector. The companies and organisations the pupils are going to work for in future will profit from those competences, too and they will be encouraged to move/work in other European countries. This all we really would like to share via all kinds of dissemation tools on local, regional, national and even international level. The biggest, fastest and easiest way is by digital means like the projectwebsite, facebookaccounts, twitter and the selfmade SmartApps. One special dissemination tool is the website containing a database of new lessonmaterials, new curriculum and evaluation tools. By sharing, learning from and looking at eachother, adapting the schoolplan and keeping the network a life we believe it will last lifelong.



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