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Gender Talks
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Training course ‘Gender Talks’ applied by Danish organization Indvandrer TV (ITV) and host by Macedonian organization Volunteers Centre Skopje in Struga, Macedonia from 5 to 12 April 2016 aims to increase competencies of the participants to apply various media tools in their practices and tackle gender issue appealing for their countries and communities. Through the project activities 34 participants coming from 12 countries (Denmark, Macedonia, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Slovenia, Latvia, Slovakia, Romania, Germany, Romania, Italy and Poland) will have an opportunity to develop their competencies especially in the areas of gender, media and project management. The project activities will be implemented in line with following project objectives: - To strengthen participants knowledge of gender from cultural and sociological point of view and increase their knowledge of gender inequality, gender based discrimination and violence against women and men in different cultures;- To provide participants an opportunity to explore gender realities in other participants countries and raise their awareness about gender issues across Europe;- To increase participants knowledge about the role of media in the process of creating/breaking gender based stereotypes and gender based discrimination;- To develop participants competencies especially digital one to use different media tools to fight gender based discrimination and stereotypes and create media campaigns raising awareness especially among young girls and boys but also among general public on gender issues appealing in their communities;- To support sharing good working practices among the participating organizations and support development of new non-formal learning tools that can be used when implementing new projects fighting gender based discrimination with support Erasmus + Programme;- To raise knowledge of participants and participating organizations about non-formal learning and Erasmus + Programme and its Key Actions and provide the participants an opportunity for networking and brainstorming ideas for future projects that could be implemented with support of Erasmus +.Training course will based on non-formal learning methodology. The key elements of the methodology will be: participatory and learner centred approach, no single true and support to diversity of opinions, process-oriented, close to real-life and voluntary. During the training course the participants will have an opportunity to take part in various activities reflecting their different learning styles such as interactive presentations, discussions, simulations as well as the participants will have an opportunity to work on development their competencies in practical media workshops focus on creating public campaigns raising awareness of public on various gender issues. Created public campaigns will be presented at the final day of the training course and spread through media networks of participating organizations with aim to raise awarenness of their local communities on gender related issues. By end of the project the participants and participating organizations will benefit from new competencies, networks and partnerships that will enable them to tackle gender issues in their communities more effectively and actively contribute to creating gender equal society.



13 Participants partenaires