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Gender: Rethink, Retweet
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This is a training course on gender matters and gender related discrimination and social media. The question we are raising is how to deal with online discrimination, especially the one focused on gender differences and differences based on sexual orientation. Therefore, the targets group of this TC are active volunteers and youth workers who are interested to understand better what gender is, what is its difference with sex and sexual orientation, how are they connected and what is their relation to human rights and human rights education and their promotion and protection through the social media. We want to build the capacities of 30 young people to become able to address these issues in their daily work. We want to guide participants through self-reflection, competence building, exchange of experiences and good practices. The training does not only aim to discuss the impact of gender constructed roles through the history and today’s societies, but also wants to provide space for debating strategies of how to enhance youth organisations' capacities to apply a gender sensitive approach to youth work - either local or international - and how to recognize and resolve gender-related conflicts appearing in the context of youth work in environments such as the one we will be living in, in Puglia. We want to provide youth organisations with the tools to increase the awareness and understanding of gender as a key cultural factor among their members, volunteers and in local communities. The training is going to take part middle of December 2014, 10-18th. It will involve 30 participants from 15 countries (including countries from the neighboring regions - Western Balkans, Eastern Europe and Caucasus and Russia) who are active in the field of international youth and voluntary work. The training will be designed in line with non-formal education methodology in both phases of the project, that will actively engage participants during the whole its duration, allowing them to share experiences, discuss attitudes, values and new ideas, as well as to build new partnerships on concrete projects. Further more, the project will work on development not only of concrete skills and knowledges how to use social media, but also how to connect them with the human rights and use them as a human rights education tool.



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