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Gender In-Equality
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This youth exchange focused on gender inequalities. The need for this exchange was identified when we were on EVS in Macedonia we noticed that the young men in particular had a lot of preconceived ideas about the role of women in society. We felt that it was important that we as young role models should plan this project with hopes to address this issue. As part of our strategy for working with young people with fewer opportunities. St. Michaels Youth Project recognizes the added value of international youth work in promoting social inclusion of disadvantaged young people. We are committed to working in a strategic manner with the local, national and European partners to address the needs of young people and to support the implementation of youth work policy in the National and European context e.g. building a brighter future, European youth strategy, children first and the youth guarantee. We want to continue to introduce international youth exchanges to NEW young people to promote social inclusion, tolerance, and inspire them to become involved in other mobility projects later on that will support them to develop their skills for life. Youth exchanges are a fantastic tool for exposing young people to new cultures and environments, building their sense of themselves. Youth exchanges create further possibilities for young people to get involved in EVS later on. Youth exchanges give the young people an opportunity to work on small scale projects and strengthen partnerships which will support them later. This youth exchange involved Ireland and Macedonia and focused on gender inequalities. The exchange was the result of a continued working partnership with the partner country. Following on from work with the partner country it was established that exploring gender roles and responsibilities and promoting gender equality should be the core principles underpinning this exchange. We hosted 16 young people aged 18 to 23, 8 from each country with two leaders. All of the young people who were involved in this exchange are young people with fewer opportunities. this exchange has created further opportunities for some young people to take part in future European projects. the aim of this project was to promote gender equality using different tools of engagement to challenge social and cultural barriers. One of our main objectives for this youth exchange was to raise conciousness among the young people involved and encourage them to use non formal practice as a tool for solidarity, respect and friendship. Our exchange aspired to educate young people about gender equality, gender roles and responsibilities, healthy relationships, diversity and culture. We aimed to unite young people with contrast cultural backgrounds through the medium of non formal activities and discussion, to add to their personal and social development. This exchange has empowered all young people involved to be active participants in society promoting human rights and equality across the board. We highlighted key competences through different activities and encouraged the young people to document their own learning for youth pass.



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