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Gençliğin Spor Yolu ile Sosyal ve Kültürel Uyumu
Date du début: 4 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 3 janv. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project aims at enhancing social inclusion and adaptation, by means of sports activities, of the disadvantaged groups with limited opportunities, children and young people who suffer from negative discrimination due to physical, geographical, economic, social and cultural factors.The program covers the districts of Mamak, Siteler, Karapürçek and Keçiören of Ankara.Our project will boost the development of implementation regions and help social, cultural and economic development of the region once the precautions necessary to increase the education level of beneficiaries and local people. The project aims at driving academic capacities of universities in Ankara and its districts so that the disadvantaged children and young people with no opportunity can access to sports and participate in sports activities by means of efficient use of physical infrastructure of the universities and the Ministry of Youth and Sports; this way ensuring the more effective participation of the beneficiaries in the social life and reinforcing the sense of belonging across the society. The project will also play a role in increasing the number of sportspeople in the implementation regions of the projects in order to raise healthy generations, generalize the sports, which has a major effect in protection of public health, by beginning from the children and the youth across the country and instilling the sports culture. The most significant way to increase the number of elite sportspeople is to increase the number of sportspeople.25 volunteers and 16 trainers of our Association will contribute to and participate in the activities and implementation of the project. The methods to be employed under the project are role play, from counselee to counselor, effective participation and participation with preliminary preparation. The trainings will be offered by trainers and supported by volunteers.The outcome aimed at deriving from the project is to raise the awareness to social problems, prevent negative discrimination, boosting social adaptation and harmony processes and increase the participation. Furthermore, it is aimed at ensuring that the disadvantaged groups with limited opportunities will have access to opportunities and facilities and discover new talented people, who will represent our country in the international sports organizations, through Sports, Cultural and Social Adaptation among the children and youth in the project implementation regions.



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