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Gençler ve Suriyeli Çocuklar El ele
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This Project aims to enable the social and educational inclusion of Disadvantaged Syrian Immigrant Children who migrated to Ankara due to the problems in their country. Even though they get food and shelter from the Turkish government, ther social and educational life is not supported enough. As an informal youth group, our aim is to enable the cooperation of young people who are coming from different backgrounds, cultural contexts and Syrian immigrants who are also coming from different backgrounds and cultural motives, patterns. This will be both an educative and culturally integrative project for both sides. Our one of the aims is to support the youth mobility by incuding them within the Project, giving them tasks that will both encourage their social inclusion and that will improve their skills and giving them tasks which will improve the educational and social skill of Syrian children. We will carry out educational workshops with the contribution and participation of youth coming from Turkey and our partner counties and these educational workshops cover digital games that will help to improve the digital skills of children and that will teach them how to use computer and how to connect to the internet. This will give the children the opportunity to become aware of the online digital World educational workshops will also cover linguistic sessions in which youth will actively take part. In that way, Syrian children will gain consciousness about English, which is a global language. They will take part in circle non-formal games that will enable the children to learn simple English phrases and sayings. Some of the games will take place outside. The educational activities of the Project will be carried out in the public library and its garden outside which will provide us with the opportunity of location where we can play games and learn digital tools through games computers. They will give us the opportunity to to work outside. We will trigger a new wave with the Project. Once when we motivate them to learn, to have joy, educational learning in the public library, they will may come to the public library for free of charge after the Project. We expect this Project to have sustainable results as the Syrian immigrant children will learn the location of public library which gives the opportunity of having a social dialogue with the users, people, gives digital opportunities such as online games, computers, learning via Internet and computers, reading book, barrowing book, taking part in children story-telling activities, circle non-formal games, Library week activities and facilities the Project is expect to have permanent traces on their families, as well. their families' consiousness level will also increase about the educational facilities of the librry and when the projet finishes, they may use the library and support their lifelong learning process.which will be the expected sustainable result of the Project. As for the social part of the Project, Syrian immigrant children and youth will carry out cultural worskhops together. In this cultural workshop, reflections of Turkish, Syrian and cultures of the participant countries will be blended. Children and youth will learn mutually from each other in the cultural and social sessions. They will get to know each other's culture and through body language, through symbolic paintings they will represent themselves, define themselves. Youth and Children will be actively taking part in the course of the Project. with the use of circle games, non -formal educational tools, drama activities, children will be socialy included in the social life that is a cycle which is still contuniuing. Youth will give their hand to the children with their strong participation and contribution and strong and great tasks in the Project. Project aims to eneable the mobility of these two groups

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