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Gençler Kariyer ve İstihdamı Konuşuyor / Youth are talking about Career and Employment
Date du début: 11 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 10 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

One of the important problems in Turkey is unemployment. This problem affects not only the individual but the society he lives in. Since young people are shaping the society in which they live ,it is obvious that individual affects the society and society affects the individual.Unemployment is ranked first as the most important issue according to the public opinion survey conducted in Turkey and in all EU countries. According to the data in June,2015,the youth unemployment rate in Turkey includes the 15-24 age group increased 1 point and became 17.7 percentage.(TUİK).In 2008,the youth unemployment rate was 15,9 and raised to 22,2 in 2014.The unemployed young people are near 5 million(Eurostat).Young people are faced with a serious employment problem. Young people in transition from school to working life are faced with a number of barriers and obstacles that prolong the transition. Prolongation of the transition process is a major pressure on university students . Young people already experiencing economic problems because of unemployment are experiencing social ( loss of self-esteem, future concerns , orientation to the informal sector ,unpaid family working , etc.) and psychological problems such as feelings of worthlessness, sadness,anger and alone ,lack of ability to fulfill their responsibilities together with the prolongation of the process as a result of social pressure. All these problems weaken the youth spiritually and leads to various anti-social behaviors such as theft, alcohol and drug addiction and even suicide .One of the biggest problems of enterprises is shortage of contact with qualified university graduates Shortage of human resources is one of the reasons that prevent the company from reaching the desired level of efficiency and development . One of the main reasons of higher unemployment rate among university graduate students is that many young graduates have very little knowledge about what jobs are available for him in the labor market and what kind of skills and education are needed for these jobs.Our project will provide consulting services to university students and graduates looking for work about business and career prospects to facilitate the process of finding appropriate work. At the end of the project,it is expected that young people will have knowledge about available sectors,proper jobs,jobs that correspond to characteristics and expectations,CV prepartion,job interview techniques and ability to use job tools in an active way and so on.The aims of the project are to increase the youth’s knowledge and ability levels about labour market by providing guidance service about occupation, work and career, to fasten the youth’s transition from school to work life, to take away their economic, social and psychological problems which they have because of unemployment, to decrease the migration rate of our province which is in the first rank among the other provinces., to increase the employment level and contribute the efficiency and self-improvement by gathering the managements and the youth together.In addition; to strengthen the social adaptation in the European Union, to develop the solidarity among young people in order to promote the active citizenship and to promote the indulgence, to break the prejudice, to reduce the xenophobia, to make the young knit up with each other who come together from different religion/language/race for the same reason, to provide the development of self-confidence of the young people with limited opportunities by expanding their horizon, to widen our network, to write new projects, to gain sustainable partnerships and to develop our entrepreneurship.There will be 42 participants who are young people,youth workers,trainers and experts.During all project activities,2 trainers and 2 facilitators from the National Agency will take part in order to concretize the quality and success of intented projecy results.Besides, faculty members , Job and career counselors, guidance counselors , HR experts, sociologists , businessmen , lecturers and experts in the career field of employment will support our project.Interactive methods will be used in the activities. our workshops , trainings, seminars, panels, conferences cultural activities, discussions, brainstorming, question-answer , TV programs , simulations and group work will be also used.At the end of the project activities, our partners will hold " Career Planning and Employment ", " Career Days" and " peer education " meetings in their countries in order to transfer the skills and achievements they have acquired in the project.



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