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Gençler İçin Demokrasi ve İnsan Hakları
Date du début: 3 août 2015, Date de fin: 2 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In our Project, we have the opportunity to realize our dreams of learning by experience all together with participants from various countries by informal learning types which are the best type of learning, to improve our theoretical knowledge that isn't include any cultural content, thanks to our National Agency and Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project grants. This project, mainly aimed gathering in a cultural information place. with our young participants around the subjects of which rights we have as being ony humans and how can we develop democracy and human rights. Under the this main purpose, the project which also aimed cohesing young participants by enjoying activities despite of their cultural differences, focusing on and creating common sense, developing compatible "life and work practices", completed 41 participants from 6 Erasmus Programme Countries. Gender profile of our project is observed as 16 male and 25 female participants. Although, gender balance in our Project was defined as equal, it changed in favor of female participants. Because we had to find new participants instead of participants who withdrawed joining the project in a limited time. But this situation contributed to our works about "women rights" and "positive discrimination" which are included by our project subject. On the other hand, the most of the participiants studied in/graduated from law faculty, political science faculty or economics and governance faculty and although a small part of the participants studied on medicine, engineering, education, It was observed that they had interested "human rights". For the project aims considering human rights which are own to people as birthrights and aren't related to religions, races, languages, gender, jobs, Supposing only jurist people as participants in the project is assumed as ironical and this principle notified to our partners for a selection criteria. Our Club Members met with participants at the Airport and the participants were checked in the 4 Starr Hotel by them. Then, every mornings, we had informal education practices like court simulating and assembly simulating, for providing oppurtunities them to understand democracy and human rights problems from different view points with all participants and discuss to solve this problems which develops personal skills, and triggered enterprise potentials of our young friends. On the other hand, we observed "peer effect" in learning and the effects of this method gave us improving informations. In afternoons, we watched films two times, for 5 days theoretica-interactive seminer-workshops, for 5 days cultural tours and outdoor activities which are "Sıra Gecesi" and cooking a Turkish dessert ("helva") with all of the particiants together. We said that, there wss a type of sport for every young people and we decided to go a big sports facility where every participants could find an interesting activity. And for a day we gave participants a free afternoon for shopping. In the free afternoon, With our participants which were willing to play football, we went to play Futsal against Gaziantep University Women Futsal Team. At the end of this match although our team lose by 7-5 score, the participants found an oppurtinity to meet deeply each other and with new Turkish young people. At the nights, participants introduced their countries by presentations and enjoying activities, foods, clothes etc. In this way, they found an oppurtinity to explain their cultural differences from their perspectives and they provided unique cultural informations for other participants. Their meeting adventure which started from cultural differences, turned into a cohesion thanks to communication continuously. Furthermore, with a planting tea acitivity, we granted 50 new tree to Gaziantep by all the participants. At the end of the project, we gave advises to Gaziantep Metropol Municipality about "modernisation of municipality" and "tourism". As host organisation, we permit Participants to go back after; they met popular Turkish delights like Turkish coffee, baklava, çiğ köfte, simit, ezme salad,şalgam; they saw touristic, historical and cultural places from Gaziantep to Adıyaman, Şanlıurfa border; they had boat trip in "Halfeti"; they visited museums and the zoo which is one of the biggest zoo in the World. In this way, we also tried to show Turkish hospitality. At the and of this project, we develop practice to solve human rights problems, we understand that which concepts human right includes, which limits are there againts of human rights, and we shared each other and got very good informations which are benefits of humanity. Our participants also gained some new skills and realized our potential as only a human. they broaden their horizons, became more creative, more curious about different topics, all of them wanted to work and to actively participate in the activities and wanted to contribute more and they definitely saw this youth exchange project.



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