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Gencim,Meslek Liseliyim,Girişimciyim (I'm a young,I'm a student invocational high school ,I'm an entrepreneur)
Date du début: 5 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 4 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Young unemployment form globalization is one of the most important problems in the World.Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial lifestyle is perceived as a solution model for solving this problem and it settles as a ID case at a community level from family to school. Entrepreneurial is expressed as the peoples intellectual labor turn into the economical valve and Entrepreneurial culture is expressed as using the peoples entrepreneurial is solving all problems. The last Entrepreneurial school ID is Entrepreneur teacher, the lesson content consists of Entrepreneurial Perspective and the student who has entrepreneur identity.Today Germany, Holland and Belgium organize special strategy education for improving the entrepreneurial culture and education. Turkey applies these educations as a part of lifelong Yearning, youth or growth targetsTurkey makes entrepreneurship-related Works for using its young population advantage the last ten years. Giving entrepreneurship courses within MEGEP in vocational technical education schools are one of example of these Works .But desired development for Entrepreneurship encouragement hasn’t provided required number of young entrepreneurs hasn’t grown.In the present raise, although the students in our schools has token Entrepreneurship lesson (II Hour), they don’t feelings and behaviors hasn’t supported. Also the teacher who transfers the Entrepreneurship to the students never takes any pedagogical training for entrepreneurship or never resolves the missing parts in in-service training.Because of this the graduated students’ self-reliance taking risks, developing new business ideas are poor .Their Entrepreneurship faiths are high as every Turkish citizen but for some reasons (low economic level, family, not knowing the state-funded capital)they have to suppress their faiths. Because of these reasons although given “MASTER CERTIFICATE” the “ENTREPRENEURSHIP” rates are too low.With given certificates it is expected to be beneficial entrepreneur to their village, region, country and have a say in land management .These certificates include preparation foreign language course foreign Entrepreneurship culture and innovative Entrepreneurship internship training course.Our Project has prepared for the needs that talked about above fort he needs that talked about above for supporting our institutions in European mobility and collaboration according to this Creating a Entrepreneurship culture and innovative Entrepreneurship training support has given to 9 apprentices of 45 students who are taking vocational education, and the students will go to EU countries: Germany, Holland, and Belgium for three weeks (120 Hours) to training of internship.During this three mobility’s hat formed in groups of is people each The hosts are Germany Berufs Kolleg Ostvest (05.03.2017-25.3.2017) , Holland-RDM (02.04.2017-22.4.2017) and Belgium-SIMA ABSL(07.05.2017-27.05.2017)Our projects general aim is;-Create on Entrepreneurship culture on the students or apprentice who take vocational education.-By contributing to the increasing of employment and Entrepreneurship skills, supporting the international cooperation of the vocational Education institution.-Supporting the local development, regional development and in Europe the country economy has a say. Our project’s SPECIFIC aim is;-To increase the Entrepreneurship and employment by “Creating an Entrepreneurship vulture and gaining innovative Entrepreneurship behavior at Europe level with the 36 students and 9 apprentices -Supporting the improvement of the status in society by energy with innovative Entrepreneurship behavior of the mainstreamed students who have limited opportunities and especially women- Raising our vocational Technical Education schools quality by transferring the companion trainers experiences obtained during the Europe education process by observation and examination to our Consortium institution- Contributing to the participants’ Professional career language development and transversal skills by certificates obtained in domestic and foreign- Contributing the EU adaptation process of participants by cultural and social interaction in European.- Supporting the realizing of strategic goals in European Evolution plan in consortium institutions -To support the Evolution of Merzifon and Şebinkarahisar and development of TR90 and TR83 areas with Entrepreneurship of participants



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